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Requirements for the Orbis Party Quest

You should be levels 51-71. It would not be a good idea to start doing this quest in the lower levels (51-53), but you could probably pull it off if you have higher level people in your party.

A Cleric would be a very good contribution to your party because they can heal the party,deal a resonable amount of damage to the enemies and bless, which is really good for warriors.

An Assasin/Bandit is necessary for full party quests,being able to contribute with the skill Haste.

To do Orbis Party Quest you must have 4+ people in your party.

The party's leader must talk to the NPC in orbis tower to start the party quest. *Remember, there cant be anyone else doing the party quest if you want to get in*

Notice: OPQ is very empty since CPQ 2 came out so you don't have to wait for another party to exit. Trouble is there isn't anyone there and harder to find a party because of patch

Quests in the PQ


The PQ Area entrance is at the top entrance to Orbis Tower

Entrance Stage

To Enter the Tower your party must break open the clouds so that they drop cloud pieces (there are twenty of them).
Give them to the leader and the leader will need to drop them on the shining light in the middle. Then the leader must talk to Eak.

Tower Of Goddess

From Here on you can do stages in any order excluding Boss Stage, which will be last. It is entirely up to you what order you do them in! The boss is named Papa Pixie.

Orbis PQ Center Tower.This room is the center of the Goddess's Tower. The statue is located here, missing many pieces. There are a number of portals leading to the other stages here, and the leader must choose which order to do the stages in. Once the leader enters some stages, monsters that resemble Jr. Boogie, but are much tougher and capable of flying, run about the room. These must be killed.

Tower of Goddess <Lobby>

Climb the towers at the top will be boxes break the boxes to get a Record.Every day the you'll need a different Record, and here is a list.

Monday - Cute - Orange
Tuesday - Scary - Yellow
Wednesday - Fun - Purple
Thursday - Sad - Dark blue
Friday - Cold - Light Blue
Saturday - Tight - Green
Sunday - Operatic - Red

Once you get the Record bring it to the middle and the leader must click on Eak then break the box that comes up get the piece.


Room of Darkness

This is a special bonus stage found in Orbis PQ that you collect Diary Pages in. For more information, please see the Room of Darkness.


Tower of Goddess <Sealed Room>

Orbis PQ Sealed Room's weight puzzle.This room consists of attempts at the Scales. The room begins like a jump quest, and as such it has no benefits such as Haste or Teleport allowed. This part is similar to the Sharenian Guild Quest's positioning of the items, where it must be completed in less than 7 attempts. If 7 attempts are made and none are successful, players are kicked from the room and must start over. Each of three platforms must have a certain number of players on it to balance the weight. Chamberlain Eak tells the leader how to split the party, and the leader will inform via a "different" or "same", telling his party members whether to split up or stand on one platform. Once this is complete, the leader can ascend further, climb a rope and grab the Piece of Goddess.

One strategy to complete this is to first have the 5 members on the highest platform. Then have someone move to the left platform. Check and repeat until you get something right. Then have a person go on the right platform. Repeat the process. If you lose the one that's right, then have the person you moved right go back and have someone from the other platform move. Once your done go up and break the box take the Piece.


Here is a small sample of a method found on hs:

Platform code combination:

  • Combo 1: 050 500 005
  • Combo 2: 500 410 320 230 131 005
  • Combo 3: 410 401
  • Combo 4: 320 302 311
  • Combo 5: 230 203 212 221
  • Combo 6: 131 113 140 104 122
  • Combo 7: 005 014 041 032 023

Tower of Goddess <Lounge>

Orbis PQ Lounge is a number of sub-puzzles. Note lounge is misspelled "Loundge".This stage is just one room made up of a number of smaller rooms. Many rubble-like pieces of the statue must be gathered and put back together to form the complete piece. Each sub stage will be described below. Once you got

Tower of Goddess <Room 301>

An Orbis PQ Lounge room, Populated by Cellion.This room consists of overpowered Cellions. Kill them and collect the pieces they drop. Beware, as they can cast Super Defense Up and Super Magic Defense Up.

Tower of Goddess <Room 302>


This room consists of overpowered Grupins. Kill them and collect the pieces they drop. Beware, as they can cast Super Defense Up and Super Magic Defense Up.

Tower of Goddess <Room 303>

An Orbis PQ Lounge room, Populated by Lioner. Lioner.PNGThis room consists of overpowered Lioners. They appear and disappear, making them hard to hit. It is recommended to freeze them. Kill them and collect the pieces they drop. Beware, as they can cast Super Defense Up and Super Magic Defense Up.

Tower of Goddess <Room 304>

An Orbis PQ Lounge room, dark and hard to see.This is a dark room, similar to those in Ludibrium PQ. Instead of shadow monsters, however, there are boxes hidden in the darkness. These boxes must be destroyed to acquire rubble pieces. Navigating the Dark room can be difficult.

Tower of Goddess <Storage>

In this stage you must kill the Cellions Cellion.PNG that spawn at the top. They will spawn at different places but there alway in the same order every single party quest. There are 15 of them the last Cellion will drop a Goddess Piece give it to the leader and click on Eak.

Tower of Goddess <Walkway>

Orbis PQ Walkway, outside the tower. Here numerous Pixies appear.This area is located outside of the tower. Pixies of all kinds swarm on 6 platforms located along the edges of the map. Party Members must jump to the door in the center tower that warps to the area they must reach. When killed, the pixies drop the rubble pieces. To get out, the leader must be in possession of 30 pieces. When the pixies are defeated, they release their souls and become Death Pixies, which are now unrestrained by gravity and fly about the map. These are very powerful, featuring an 800 damage magic attack. It is HIGHLY recommended that no one go AFK (away from Keyboard) in this stage. Clerics must also be wary, as the Death Pixies are weak to heal.


Tower of Goddess <On the way Up>

Orbis PQ's Jump area, At the top of the tower. This is the last stage, probably the hardest one. It involves finding the proper warp spot to progress. If you step on the wrong warp, you will be sent back to the beginning. It resembles Ludibrium PQ stage 6 in many ways. The best tactic here is to send one party member ahead, have that person find the proper warp, and then send a second to mark the right platform with a coin, arrow, or other junk item. Then everyone follows it and repeats until reaching the top. Here, there are 5 switches that can be changed by hitting them. The party must find the two switches that need to be down. The party leader must remain at the bottom to click on Chamberlain Eak. Success is denoted by a CLEAR.

The best way to this is for 5 party members to go up and keep hittin the switches and then the leader spam clicks on Eak at the bottom.


Tower of Goddess

Orbis PQ Center Tower. The statue is being restored.Now that all of the other rooms have been cleared, and the pieces collected, the statue must be restored. The leader, or any party member in possession of pieces, must find where his or her piece goes and drop it on the appropriate platform. Once this is done, the piece will be absorbed and the missing pieces of the statue will reappear. This stage is completed when all pieces are reintegrated into the statue of the Goddess.

Tower of Goddess <Garden>

Orbis PQ Garden. The Nependeaths must be killed.Nependeath are located on various clouds floating outside the tower. Once defeated, the Nependeath drop seeds, which look similar to those used to transport to Leafre. They must be dropped on to flowerpots on solid platforms along the edges of the map. Once this is done, either a Nependeath or a Dark Nependeath will spawn. Once the Dark Nependeath has been defeated, drop its item on a statue and Papa Pixie Will spawn.

Tower of Goddess <Garden> (Boss Stage)

Papa Pixie roams the floor of the Garden map. Any undefeated Nependeath


remain. It is advisable for any weakened party members to flee to the upper areas, which are now relatively safe. Papa Pixie is probably the hardest PQ boss ever. He has Darkness and Skill Seal(along with Slow), like Alishar, and is capable of summoning Star, Lunar, and Luster Pixies. Once these pixies are killed, they become Death Pixies that pose a threat to the weaker members hiding at the top. Papa Pixie's most dangerous skill by far is Dispel, as a mage without Magic Guard cannot withstand a hit from it, either physical or magical. Once defeated, the party must find the proper plant that appeared in the flowerpots to go to the bonus stage. He also has a huge amount of HP for his level. Dark Lord's Clone, the level 80 boss needed to be killed for thief's third job, has 5.5 times less HP.

  • HP: 675,000
  • Damage: 1100 approximately
  • Notice: With the Maple Wisdom Staff (HP +150), a level 67+ mage just might be able to survive Papa Pixie's magic attack without Magic Guard. They should have about 950 HP by then, which turns into 1100. And since they have a lot of magic defense (due to INT), the damage would probably be about 800-900 to them. The touch damage would be about 1250 though. They can't survive that without MG.

Bonus Stage

On this stage, you break boxes in 1 minute. The boxes have random prizes in them. Some even have armors. (This is just like Ludibrium PQ bonus.)

Exiting a Completed PQ

Go to top of platforms and talk to Goddess Minerva. She will give you a reward. If you are doing quest The Record of Goddess Minerva, she will give you Diary of the Goddess here.

Exit Stage: On the Way Out

This is the exit stage. You go here when you finish the PQ or are killed in the PQ itself. You also can get here if a member of your party disconnects- let's say, even you. Talk to Eak to exit map.


Repeatable Quest