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Description and Map

Bluedot.gif - Orbis Ticketing Booth
Reddot.gif - Cloud Park I
Yellowdot.gif - Entrance to Orbis Tower
Whitedot.gif - Orbis Park
Pinkdot.gif - Top of the Hill

Located above the continent of Ossyria, Orbis mainly serves as a gateway to Ellinia on Victoria Island, to Ludibrium, and to Leafre. Ships depart from Orbis station to all five destinations on a regular basis, making Orbis the first stop for people venturing out of Victoria Island.
(In MapleSEA, it is now free to travel on the airship from Ellina to Orbis)

Most players will usually find their first set of equipment beyond level 30 in Orbis, as most Victoria Island shops do not sell equipment above that level. Hair Salon and Plastic Surgery facilities are also available here (to reach them, players must enter the portal on the left shown on the map above in white), for those who have bought their corresponding coupons from the Cash Shop.

A free market is avaiable in Orbis for those who need to use it.

The surrounding area is fairly expansive, and filled with moderately leveled monsters, creating opportunities for leveling around the level 35 range. The very popular training spots around Orbis, The Gardens of Red, Green, and Yellow I and II, Contain Cellions, Lioners, Grupins, and their Junior forms. Orbis is connected to Ossyria's surface via Orbis Tower, in which players can reach the entrances of both the snow town of El Nath and the underwater depths of Aqua Road through the first floor of Orbis Tower.

There are many monsters that reside inside the Orbis Tower and Cloud Park. Inside Orbis Tower, there are monsters such as Jr. Sentinel, Sentinel, Ice Sentinels, and Fire Sentinel, which are great for level 35 or more to train. As you gradually descend the tower, higher-leveled monsters will appear. Those below level 35 can train on Jr. Sentinel's as they are comparatively weaker than other monsters in Ossyria but drop a reasonable amount of mesos and give good experience.

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