Oblivion Monk

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Oblivion Monk
Image of the Oblivion Monk n/a.
Species N/A (boss)
Level 160
XP gained 6,139
HP 330,000
MP 14,000
Attack Stats
W. Attack
M. Attack
Defense Stats
W. Defense
M. Defense
Physical Damage Reduction (PDR)
Magic Damage Reduction (MDR)
Other stats
Knockback                4,500
Speed                -50
Continent Temple of Time
Area Road to Oblivion 5


A monster from Time Temple, it can be found in Flame Zone. It casts an unavoidable magic attack by concentrating magic into a sphere, then releasing it.

Elemental Weaknesses



Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
File:Red Ciara.png Red Ciara File:Green Osfa Pants.png Green Osfa Pants
Red Osfa Boots.png Red Osfa Boots
File:Blue Anelin.png Blue Anelin
Phantom Originality.png Phantom Originality


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
Ice Cream Pop.png Ice Cream Pop File:Red Cloth.png Red Cloth Piece of Time.gif Piece of Time Recipe2.gif Reverse Enreal Tear Recipe 10000+ mesos
Very Special Sundae.png Very Special Sundae File:Frowny Mask.png Frowny Mask Confusion Fragment.png Confusion Fragment Recipe2.gif Pure Gold Engine Arm Recipe
Unagi.png Unagi Magic Rock.png The Magic Rock Recipe2.gif Abyss Enreal Tear Recipe
Potential Scroll.png Potential Scroll Tiger Stripe Ticket Piece.png Tiger Stripe Ticket Piece Recipe2.gif Dragonic Bellum Spear Recipe
Arrow for Bow.png Arrow for Bow Oblivion Monk Card.png Oblivion Monk Card Recipe3.gif Pink Wolf Pendant Recipe
Mystery Mastery Book.png Mystery Mastery Book File:Oblivion Monk Familiar.png Oblivion Monk Familiar Recipe1.gif Advanced Strength Pill III Recipe
File:Nebulite Box.png Nebulite Box Recipe1.gif Advanced Defense Pill V Recipe
Orange Imp.png Orange Imp Recipe1.gif Advanced Defense Pill IX Recipe
Gemstone Imp.png Gemstone Imp Recipe1.gif Advanced Attack Pill II Recipe
Recipe1.gif Advanced Magic Attack Pill IV Recipe
Recipe1.gif Exceptional Insight Potion Recipe
Recipe1.gif Exceptional Luck Boost Potion Recipe


Armor Weapon Accessory
60%.gif Scroll for Katara for ATT 60%
60%.gif Scroll for Spear for ATT 60%
60%.gif Scroll for Gun for Attack 60%
60%.gif Scroll for Knuckle for Attack 60%
60%.gif Scroll for Spear for ATT 60%
60%.gif Scroll for Wand for Magic Attack 60%