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Nexon Cash (often abbreviated to NX Cash, or simply NX) is used to purchase items or additions in Maple Story's Cash Shop. While most of these items are purely cosmetic, there are some that can affect game play. One example is the 2x EXP card, which will double the amount of experience one receives from defeating a monster. You can buy slots for Equips (Tops, Bottoms, Hats, etc.), Use (Teleporting Rock, Megaphone, Item Label, etc.), Pets (Robo, Dragon, Monkey, etc.).

While the purchase of NX Cash is not required to play Maple Story, there are some aspects of the game that can only be accessed if the user has cash items equipped. Some such areas include the Amoria Wedding System with its associated quests, and certain special Events.

NX Cash can also be used to purchase items for other games developed by Nexon, such as Kartrider and Audition.

Obtaining Nexon Cash

NX Cash can be obtained in a number of different ways:

  • Nx Cards
  • Events
  • Credit Cards
  • Free Nx though Offer Sites

Online Purchase

NX cash can be bought straight from Nexon's site, where payment is made via PayPal. It can be bought in increments of 5,000 NX ($5 US), 10,000 NX ($10 US) and 30,000 NX ($30 US).

NEXON Cash Cards

For those who prefer not to make purchases through the internet, or don't have access to PayPal, special NX Cash Cards can be bought from the following stores:


  • Australia Stores Now Added.
  • New Zealand Stores Now Added.
  • More USA Stores Added.
  • More Canada Stores Added.

NEXON Cash Stores


  • 1.7-Eleven
  • 2.Future Shop
  • 3.Shoppers drug mart
  • 4.Zellers
  • 5.Best Buy
  • 6.Avondale Food Store
  • 7.Hallmark Store
  • 8.London Drug Store
  • 9.GameStop (Canada)


  • 1.Toys R Us
  • 2.BlockBusters Video
  • 3.7 Eleven
  • 4.GameStop
  • 5.FYE Stores
  • 6.Duane Reade
  • 7.Rite Aids
  • 8.CVS Pharmacy
  • 9.Walgreens
  • 10.SpeedWay
  • 11.Barnes&Noble
  • 12.Hastings
  • 13.H-E-B Stores
  • 14.BJ's Stores
  • 15.K-Mart
  • 16.Shop-Ko-New!
  • 17.Wawa Stores - Coming Soon!
  • 18.Safeway
  • 19.Vons
  • 20.Albertsons
  • 21.Krogers
  • 22.Winn Dixie
  • 23.Freds
  • 24.A&P-New!
  • 25.Bakers
  • 26.Bi-Lo
  • 27.Citymarket
  • 28.Dillons
  • 29.Food Lion
  • 30.Gerbes
  • 31.Giant
  • 32.Giant Eagle
  • 33.Hannaford
  • 34.JayC Food Store
  • 35.QuickChek - Coming Soon!
  • 36.King Soopers - Coming Soon!
  • 37.Owen's
  • 38.PayLess SuperMarket
  • 39.Price Chopper
  • 40.Publix
  • 41.QFC (Quality Food Centers)
  • 42.Ralphs
  • 43.Stop&Shop
  • 44.SaveMart
  • 45.Smith's
  • 46.Staterbros Store
  • 47.SuperValu
  • 48.SweetBav Coming Soon!
  • 49.Wegmans


  • 1.Toys r Us
  • 2.EB Games

New Zealand

  • 1.EB Games

Amounts And MTS And MPs


The cards are usually found in or near the music section, next to similar gift cards. They can be bought in increments of: 10,000 NX Cash (10$) 25,000 NX Cash (25$)

Item numbers: 012150045 ($10); 012150046 ($25).

Maple Trading System

The Maple Trading System (MTS) allows users to safely buy and sell items for NX Cash in-game. It can be accessed through the trade button on the bottom right side of the game screen. The minimum any item can be sold for is 110 NX, although merchandise such as Etc items can be grouped in groups of 200, or however many the items group together for in your inventory. With each transaction, Nexon adds an extra 100 NX, as well as 10% of the listed price.

  • For example, if you sell 100 Jr. Necki's Skins for 110 NX, the listed price for you is 110 NX, that is what you will get when it sells. However, the actual sale price would 110 + 100 + (110*10%) = 221. Therefore, the lowest sale price you can buy things for is 221 NX.
  • If you sell that Stars and Stripes you've been holding for 1,000 NX, Nexon would add 200 NX (100 + (1000*10%)), bringing the sale price to 1,200 NX, but when it sells you will get 1,000 NX.
  • In addition, the transfer inventory can hold up to 48 items, if there are more, you cannot conduct any transaction until you remove enough items to put the inventory at 48 or less. The transfer inventory is where items go that you listed for sale, but expired before they sold.

Maple Points

Maple Points, which work much like Nexon cash, are awarded during special events. They hold the same value, point for point, as NX cash. The one major difference, however, lies in the fact that they cannot be used to buy items in the MTS.You can also get Maple Points from game updates and game crash's

NX Cash Fraud

Cash fraud occurs when a user gets a hold of some one else's credit card number or paypal information and uses it to make unauthorized transactions. Victims can include the parents of a user, or a complete stranger, as well as Nexon itself.

Please note that this is considered identity theft, which is both against Nexon's TOS, and very much so illegal. It can get your account permanently banned, and you or your legal guardian can face charges.

Free NX

You Can obtain FREE NX by completing surveys or taking advantage of great offers from our marketing partners! Nexon on october 30th gave people the chance to get free items and stuff from cashshop for 1 hour only.


Maplesea uses "acash" (@cash) which have the same function as NX cash ,just that it is only usuable in South east asia countries.

MapleStory China

Maplestory China Version uses a "cash for game",similar to NX cash,which is only usable in china MTS and Cash shop. 1st option : Bank Transaction services like credit cards and cash cards. 2nd option : By SMS services, send an sms to the company to get value. 3rd option : By phoning the company and getting the value. 4th option : By Purchasing Value cards which cost usually around 8RMB to 15RMB

Japan MapleStory

Due to the reason that JMS is operated by Nexon, most likely , they are using NX cash system.

Europe MapleStory

Due to the reason that EMS is operated by nexon , this version uses NX Cash system.

Thailand MapleStory

This version is operated and manage by nexon (this version had became historical and was closed in 29/6/2012 ) however , this version uses @cash system.