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NLCrevised.png (Mostly)
Newleafcitymap.jpg (MapleSEA)
Although MapleSEA has the NLC Taxi now...

Pinkdot.gif - Haunted Mansion (via NLC Taxi)
Bluedot.gif - Jungle Clearing
Reddot.gif - Lobby
Whitedot.gif - New Leaf City Mall
Yellowdot.gif - NLC Subway Station
Greendot.gif - Sweet Cake Hill - Currently Closed off in GMS


A city of Wonders—literally. New Leaf City is MapleStory's testament to the Western world, and all around the city you'll find Maple spoofs of architectural Wonders of the World and other grand sites. The monsters are useful to train on for those who are level 35+ and are so weak in strength that a level 16 may maneuver around the first training zones without worrying about dying. Harder level monsters are in further maps around New Leaf City (NLC).


Getting There

New Leaf City isn't that hard to find. Head to Kerning City and look for the Subway. The entrance is kind of hidden but still easy to find. Look for the NPC named Shumi. She is sitting against the subway. Look for an opening and press Up to enter. Find Bell, the NPC who is selling tickets. Buy one and talk to the ticket gate on the left so you can board the train. Once you board the train you'll notice that it's all advertisements for New Leaf City. You'll be boarded off at another train station. The whole trip is a lot faster than the airship rides.


Wow, no wonder there was all that advertising on the train. It's one giant tourist attraction. There's Bigger Ben and a currently unaccessible Sphinx-like place on the left with a giant mall in the middle. The TV that inhabits this town is located on the right side of the place. The background shows 'The Statue of Slime Liberty' and a Hollywood fashion sign either saying 'New Leaf City' or 'MapleStory'. Even the Gachapon machine is themed -- it has changed to a modern vending machine. The mall has nothing for you unless you can get Regular or VIP tickets for the places.

Bigger Ben

Oh great, another big tower. Don't worry about it being like the Helios Tower or those other ones in Ossyria. This one has a different layout. In there you shall find bees, purple plants, fire spirits, fire breathing elephants, and more! This is an easy dungeon for those who can do the only quests for those under level 38, where you defeat 50 of those bees, 30 of those purple plants, and 40 of those elephants.

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