Mu Lung Dojo

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  • Note: Requires level 90 to enter.

Previously a party quest, the dojo functions in a similar manner to Boss Rush(or Agent Boss PQ) with a few exceptions. The player must fight bosses from the weakest to the strongest with the weakest boss being Mano, by themselves without a party. Unlike Boss Rush, some World Tour bosses are also included in this Party Quest. The player fights in a 'mortal combat' like style where the players health bar and the boss's health bar appear at the top. There are four modes: Easy Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode. and Ranked Mode. The difficulty you pick affects the strength of the monster, but Ranked Mode allows you to try to make it into the scoreboard of who finishes the fastest to win special rewards. Unlike Ranked Mode, the other modes have a time limit to them, with Easy having a 10-minute limit, Normal having The Dojo can be accessed through any multi-dimensional portal in any town, and you can only try the Dojo three times a day, no matter what maode.


  • There are currently 47 levels in the Mu Lung Dojo with each boss to be defeated each round.
  1. Mano
  2. Mushmom
  3. Stumpy
  4. Blue Mushmom
  5. Zombie Mushmom

  1. King Slime
  2. Dyle
  3. King Clang
  4. Faust
  5. Spirit of Rock

  1. ?
  2. Eliza
  3. Jr. Balrog
  4. Nine-Tailed Fox
  5. Rex

  1. Deo
  2. Zeno
  3. Timer
  4. Snack Bar
  5. Tae Roon

  1. Papa Pixie
  2. Alishar
  3. Lord Pirate
  4. D.Roy
  5. Frankenroid

  1. Chimera
  2. Poison Golem
  3. King Sage Cat
  4. Giant Centipede
  5. Crimson Balrog

  1. Manon
  2. Griffey
  3. Snowman
  4. Papulatus
  5. Ani

  1. Leviathan
  2. Dodo
  3. Lilynoch
  4. Lyka
  5. Mu Gong


Dojo Belts must now be purchased using Mu Gong's Emblems, and they expire after seven days. All belts come with three slots and hidden potentials, except for the Black Belt, which comes with an extra slot.