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Moon Bunny Party Quest is a simple party quest that involve protecting the moon bunny.


  • Level 20 and above(Recommended Lv20-Lv69)
  • 3 person or more in a party


Entering Party Quest Lobby

Enter the map Hidden Street: Moon Bunny Lobby through the Dimensional Portal. Form a party of 3 or greater.

Starting the Party Quest

Your party leader will need to speak to Tory, the NPC before getting into the Party Quest. If you are new to Party Questing, know that "RPQ", or some kind of variation, means Recruiting for Party Quest, and "JPQ", or some kind of variation, means Joining Party Quest.

Once your party leader has chosen to start the party quest, you will be automatically teleported onto a different map.

Stage One

When your party reaches the new map, with Growlie, there will be a few seconds of dead space. Then, at the bottom of the map, pigs will spawn. The party's goal is to kill the pigs to recover the primrose seeds. With the seeds in your inventory, find one of the six planting platforms and click to grow the flowers.

When you finally have planted all of the seeds, a message will appear informing you that Moon Bunny has arrived.

Stage Two

Moon Bunny will spawn in the center of the map and begin to create rice cakes which pop out of it's pot. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it sounds. Striges, Blins, and Flyeyes will swoop towards the center of the map. If Moon Bunny gets hit, the rate at which it creates rice cakes drastically decreases and after many hits the Moon Bunny might even die. It is the party's job to kill the monsters before they reach Moon Bunny until it creates 10 rice cakes which the party leader should pick up. After all 10 rice cakes have been collected (by the party leader, it will not count if any other members pick up the cakes), then the leader should talk to Growlie to complete the party quest.

You could either eliminate the monsters with brute force while the leader stands by Moon Bunny picking up rice cakes, or you could try another method, luring.

Luring in Henesys Party Quests is where one person lures all the monsters to the bottom right of the map behind Growlie while the other people sit/stand at the direct center of the top cloud and on the far bottom left of the map, while not attacking any monsters. This style of PQing is often used for Smuggling Rice Cakes and either Rush PQing or Selling the cakes on the market.

Luring is done by having a Warrior with lvl 1 slash blast or a Pirate with Lvl 1 Sommersault Kick and a item with 1 weapon attack such as a Blue Maple Flag or a Pumpkin Basket or a Pico-Pico Hammer. These can be used to cause 1 damamge to the monsters and make luring the most profitable as possible.

Either was you go in the second stage, you will be transported to an ending screen. Here, you will be rewarded with 1600 EXP, not including any EXP you got from killing monsters during the second stage. You can either choose to leave the Party Quest or go for the Bonus Stage.

  • Note: Although the Moon Bunny cannot be hit with attacks, players should be wary if they have a Priest/Bishop in their party, as their skill 'Doom' can turn the Moon Bunny into a snail. Thus ending the Party Quest.

Pig Town

Once your party had cleared the main quest, your leader may choose to move on to the bonus stage by talking to the left NPC instead of the right one when you are on the ending screen.

Accepting the Bonus Stage will transport you to Pig Town, where your party can kill as many pigs as possible until five minutes is up. Sometimes an Iron Hog might spawn, so lower leveled characters might want to be careful. Armor and rare items can be netted from these pigs rarely.

Pig Town


The pigs drop level 25-30 equipment.(but items are rare to come out).


Also in the new GMS patch, if you get a total of 30 cakes, 10 goes to Growlie, and when you speak to the exit NPC, give 20 cakes to her and you will receive a Rice Cake Hat (A Rice Cake on Top of My Head).

Note: It only consists a total of 20 cakes, and you can give them to the NPC over a couple of times: you don't have to give them all from one party quest. Also once you give her the cakes, talk to her again and she will give you the Rice Cake Hat.

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