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Monster Carnival is retired from Maplestory and is no longer obtainable in the game. This item may still exist in-game on characters who obtained it prior to its removal.

Monster Carnival

Monster Carnival is a Party Quest for Level 30 - 50 players where, unlike other quests, players must compete in order to gain bonus experience. It is similar Ludibrium Maze Party Quest in that you just kill, however, there is a tactics system which can help you and harm opponents.

Getting There


The extra display consists of your guild being replaced with your team name (Maple Red or Blue).

The box in the top left hand corner also has several displays, most prominently the numerical ones - three rows of numbers. The format goes like this:




11 is the CP you have to spend on the Skills System. 22 is the total CP you've gotten for the team. 33 is the remaining CP your team has to spend, and 44 is your overall CP. 55 is your enemy's remaining CP to spend, and 66 is their total CP. 44 and 66 determine the final game outcome. There are three tabs below the display, which are discussed in the next section.

Battle Style

The style of fight is very different - you don't face others directly, but rather in a competition to get the most Carnival Points. Carnival Points can be gotten by killing monsters or from spherical point pieces dropped on the floor by enemies. Enemies continually spawn and are targeted by all players. If you die you do not lose exp, just personal CP (used for the special system about to be described) up to a value of 10. You will be brought to another room with a portal where you can instantly re-enter the fray.

However, there is also an extra system to give weaker parties a chance to win. The system works off the Carnival Points you get as an individual. Each skill used under the system doesn't reduce your overall CP score, but uses up the CP you have gained by killing/picking up. There are three tabs under this system - Mob, Status and Protector. Mob summons enemies to attack enemies. This may work for or against you; enemies could be forced to give up, or they could just be more CP to stronger enemies. The monsters and their summoning costs are:

  • Brown Teddy - 7 CP (Don't summon them - useless)
  • Bloctopus - 7 CP (Useless)
  • Retz - 8 CP (Useless by itself, summon hoards)
  • Chronos - 8 CP (See above)
  • Toy Trojan - 9 CP (Add Speed bonus for some annoyance, VERY effective against assassins) (Generally used when summoning for the opponent due to the low defence)
  • Tick-Tock - 9 CP (Useless)
  • Robo - 10 CP (An okay tank...summon King Block Golem for better results)
  • King Block Golem - 11 CP (An okay tank, summon in place of Rombot if lacking CP)
  • Master Chronos - 12 CP (Extremely useful, especially in Factory map and get clerics into trouble when they heal. However, they are quite easily killed, but thier attack does prove annoying if your trying to take down pedistals)
  • Rombot - 22 CP (in Carnival Field 6), 30CP (in others) (Mass summon for good results, especially against players 40-)

(Keep in mind, these tips are only for players trying to win. If two parties are trading wins, these may change. For example Brown Teddys, when mass summoned, are extremely useful for warriors, and so are Master Chronos for Clerics.)

  • Note from a player: Whenever the other team summoned, trade wins or not, the summons just made it easier for me to gain cp. Always. From another player: Try killing a Rombot with a level 31 warrior.

Status hits the other team with status ailments, such as darkness, seal, poison etc. They and their description/CP cost/curability by potion are:

Note: Party skills work at a certain %, not 100% of the time.

  • Darkness (Party) - 17CP (Reduces accuracy for Warriors, Bowmen and Thieves, curable. When fighting against dexless sins, this is

absolutely necessary if you're trying to win in the last few minutes.)

  • Weakness (Party) - 19CP (Disables jumping, curable, good when Cancel ***** Atk is in play)
  • Curse(Party) - 12CP (Reduces enemy Exp gain, useless, don't cast it, curable)
  • Poison(Party) - 19CP (Continued damage, fairly useless, a nuisance, curable)
  • Slow(Party) - 16CP (Slows enemy movements, useful, un-curable)
  • Seal (1 Person) - 14CP (Prevents use of class skills, multi-cast if you want, curable)(NOTE: Incredibly useful against Magicians)
  • Stun (1 Person) - 22CP (Stuns an enemy for about 7 seconds, un-curable)-Very usefull
  • Cancel Buff (1 Person) - 18CP (Cancels HB, Rage, Haste, etc, un-curable ._.)

Protector skills are the most worthwhile, buffing the monsters on your side. Mass-casting of these skills is useful. Each buff causes a Gem Pedestal to spawn. The Pedestal carries your colour, and takes 4 normal hits to destroy. Destroying them is the only way to cancel the buff. They, and their use/CP cost are:

  • Power UP - 17CP (<Weapon Attack +30> Increases monster touch damage, useful-ish)
  • Guard UP - 16CP (<Weapon Defense +30> Increase defense against Warriors, Bowmen and Thieves, useful-ish)
  • Magic UP - 17CP (<Magic Attack +30> Increases the range attack of M. Chronos and Rombot, useful)
  • Shield UP - 16CP (<Magic Defense +30> Increases resistance against Magicians, useful-ish)
  • Accuracy UP - 13CP (<Accuracy +30> Increases accuracy of monsters, annoying for lower-HP players)
  • Avoid UP - 16CP (<Avoidability +30> Powers up the monsters avoid on your opponents side, VERY useful, rendered worse by maxed bless)
  • Speed UP - 12CP (<Speed +30> Powers up the monsters speed on your opponents side, useful especially on trojans, more usefull on rombots as the extra speed makes the enemy have to retreat more often) NOTE : Be careful with Speed UP, because it could be feeding fuel to the fire, if you know what I mean.
  • Cancel Weapon Attack - 35CP (Reduces damage done by physical classes to 1 per hit, VERY useful)
  • Cancel Magic Attack - 35CP (Reduces damage done by Magicians to 1 per hit, VERY useful)

The most common MCPQ strategy is to get about 500 CP, then spam-summon Rombots while using every single monster buff. Devastating, and almost impossible to undo.

Another thing about this Carnival is the disabling of potion use. Don't fret, you won't lose exp upon death. However, monsters drop potions in the Carnival. Picking up a potion uses it immediately. Large potions affect the whole party, and normal potions affect the acquirer. The available potions are:

Other dropped items include:

After winning or losing, you will be notified of whether you won or lost, then ferried out to an empty room where you talk to Spiegelmann for your exp reward. If you draw (not likely) then there will be a 2 minute overtime, where it will be as if nothing has happened yet.


The rewards for the Carnival are as follows.


You get experience depending on how much CP you have garnered. There are ratings from A to D, and each has a relative CP amount. The CP amount that is used to calculate your exp. is your teams CP... NOT YOUR INDIVIDUAL CP!

  • A rank: 500+ CP
  • B Rank: 250-499 CP
  • C Rank: 50-249 CP
  • D Rank: 1-49 CP
  • E Rank: 0 CP

Experience is as follows:

  • A Rank Winner: 30,000 Exp
  • A Rank Loser: 10,000 Exp
  • B Rank Winner: 25,500 Exp
  • B Rank Loser: 8,500 Exp
  • C Rank Winner: 21,000 Exp
  • C Rank Loser: 7,000 Exp
  • D Rank Winner: 15,500 Exp
  • D Rank Loser: 1,000 Exp
  • E Rank Loser (extremely rare): 1,000 Exp

Maple Coin Rewards

Rewards received through trading Maple Coins are as follows.

You can get +0 in a stat to +3 in a stat. They have 3 slots, and are scrollable with Spiegelmann's Marbles, which cost 40 Maple Coins.


There are three tiers of weapons - Level 33-35 ones, costing 7 coins, level 38-40 ones, costing 10 coins, and level 45-50 ones, costing 20 coins. It is not recommended you get any other than those specifically noted with a (***). Weapons are as if you picked them up from a monster - they can be above or below average, like the Spiegelman Necklace.

Warrior Weapons

Magician Weapons

Bowman Weapons

Thief Weapons

Pirate Weapons

Battle Fields

There are three types of battlefield - the Terrace battlefield, the Factory battlefield and the Clocktower battlefield. They are reminiscent of the Brown Teddy maps, the Robo maps and the Chronos maps respectively. Each field is different in some way to the others.

Fields 1 & 2 - The Terrace

2 to 4 people can play on this field. They consist of a flat area and many smaller platforms above. Gem Pedestals spawn on these platforms. The default monsters are Brown Teddies and King Block Golems. Half the spawn is for one team's, and the other half is for the other team's. The spawn is reputedly slower, and due to confined areas, CP gain is stunted as well. A good field for 30-38 characters, slow for others.

Fields 3 & 4 - The Clocktower

2 to 4 people can play on this field. It consists of a flat spawning area and many webbed platforms above, where Gem Pedestals spawn. The base enemies are Toy Trojans and Robos. There are two rooms, one for each team. They are totally separated, though speech can be heard if you stand near the dividing barrier. The most popular one, giving each party it's own space. Good for any type of mid-high level party. Lower levels have more trouble here. Coin drop rate is highest, due to highest concentration of monsters. Although, this map is disliked by many of the bowman, gunslingers and assassins, since the population of monsters is so dense and the spawns are fast. So an archer or assassin can have a hard time trying to get far enough away from the monsters to attack. This field is really colse-knit as compared with the other two fields. As a result, most mages and warriors choose this field. Non-party clerics often love playing in this field, especially if the other team summons Master Chronos. This way, they can mob heal the masters.

Fields 5 & 6 - The Factory

3 to 6 people can play here. It is a layered map, two gapped platforms up top and a flat area at the bottom. Gem Pedestals spawn on the gapped platform areas. Robos and Rombots are the base enemies, but Robos only spawn on the gapped platforms and Rombots only on the bottom. The Robos are unique in that they are free to kill - whoever kills them gets the CP, and they are available to kill for both teams. The Rombots are divided in half - for the two parties to kill separately. Suitable for any players - the Robos for lower levels and the Rombots for higher levels. This is THE most wanted map, due to the relative proximity on each of the platforms. Also, assassins love killing the Rombots which give 6CP each. You will most likely see a lot of dexless assasins who kill the Rombots in a couple of hits.

If you summon anything on this stage, it automatically goes to the gapped platforms.


Opinion is divided as how to use the CP which ultimately judges who wins or loses. There are some notes below.

Basic Manuevers

  • Hoarding- Leave items on the ground (especially party pots) until you need them. A healthy supply of Party All Cures makes it a lot easier.
  • Stunners and Cubes- Pick them up! Don't leave them there, whatever you do. They're a very useful tool.
  • Mob Forcing- Have a mobber attack while Cancel ***** is on, so all enemies are in one place. Cancel the buff and the mobber kills them all quickly.
  • Low Levels- Recruit a low level to reduce average level and to be a gem shattering mule.

Basic Combinations

Generally, points are used for two reason, making the game nearly unplayable or by forcing the party to stop. Massing Master Chronos's or Rombots against parties that can't go up against them results in an easy win. Generally, matches are close as parties kill all the monsters extreamly fast, to holding your opponent back for precious seconds may be important. Also, considering this, buffs are prefered as they do not give your opponent's cp, while if the other team can control your hoard, they can farm cp faster.

  • Stun (1 Person) continuously)- Works when there are 3 or less people. Stuns a whole party, making a lot of trouble for them.
  • Master Chronos (multiple) + Magic UP + Stun (1 Person)- Chances are this will take out at least one below 40 or weakened foe. However, this is not effective against mid to high level groups as dealing with Chronoses are amazingly easy if you tank them
  • Cancel Weap/Magic + As many protectors as possible- Mass-spawn pedestals to confuse the opponent.
  • Retz/Toy Trojan (Mass summon) + Speed UP + Power UP- You face a mob of buffed speed demons rushing at you. An assassin/bowman's nightmare.
  • Seal (1 person) (multiple) + Cancel Buff (1 person) (multiple)- Only for use on mage parties. Co-ordinate your party so one person does one while another does the other.
  • 1st sub one of these: Both Cancel Attacks(for mixed party/Cancel Magic Attack(all Mage party)/Cancel Weapon Attack(Warrior/theif/bowmen/pirate parties) After you chose one of them then do Avoid Up+Speed Up (Note this is a last resort that can really help when in tight spot near end and when executed properly)
  • Avoidability- The alternative to cancel weapon / magic attack. Generally, the party can't hit the monsters, and does the same with as cancel but much less. Keep on repeating to force the party to pause. It isn't effective on high levels with lots of accuracy.
  • Toy Trojan- These are used when parties are summoning for one another, mainly to farm for CP and Maple Coins. They have low defense, so massing them is easy.

General Tactics

The priorities in the game go like this.

  1. Killing (without suiciding)
  2. Picking up Maple Coins
  3. Picking up Stunners/Cubes
  4. Hoarding potions and All cures
  5. Buff with Cancel ****** Atk and use Weakness
  6. Buff with Avoid UP + Darkness (Party) (If the party has more physical attackers)
  7. Buff with Shield UP + Avoid UP (If the party has more magical attackers)
  8. Summon Rombot/Master Chronos and assist using Power UP and Magic UP
  9. Buff and heal party members (if you're a Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, Thief or Spearman)
  10. Disable enemies with Stun (1 person)

One person, preferably the fastest killer, continually uses Stun (1 Person) or Avoid/Cancel buffs, keeping the opponents rushing to destroy Gem Pedestals. Another (two) person conserves CP, then unleashes all the buffs possible in addition to Cancel Weap/Magic in order to (A: confuse the enemy and (B: annoy them with all the buffs. Any other people help mass summon Rombot/Master Chronos and plague enemies with statuses.


Most of the time, you'll find that it may be quite difficult to find parties to battle with or against, especially if you buddy list is small, or consisting of players in the wrong level range. A party of three is often the most common and most effective in the Monster Carnival. Here's a couple of ways to get more out of the Monster Carnival

  1. Trade Wins - Find another party, and suggest that both parties take turns to win, as finding other parties may take up a lot of time. Even if finding other parties is easy, wins are not always guaranteed. By trading wins with others, wins are guaranteed to both parties.
  1. Get more CP. Suppose you're trading wins with another party, but you can always get around 400 CP. This is not enough to get Rank A, which is worth 30,000EXP. One way you can boost your CP up to 500 is to ask (politely) if the member of the opposite party with the most CP could log off and then log back on. This way, his/her CP is transferred to your party, giving you more EXP
  1. Summons. When trading wins with other parties, it is common to ask them to summon certain monsters, which help with experience gain and CP gain. For example, warriors often like to mob Brown Teddy's and Toy Trojans due to their low DEF. Clerics absolutely LOVE hordes of Master Chronos, so they can hold down the heal button and easily destroy them (this works the best in rooms 3/4, where space is limited and the chronos are easier to hit at the same time). Assassins, both normal and dexless, often love to battle in rooms 5/6, especially if the other party summons Rombots. Rombots give around 214 EXP in a party of 3, and about 6CP. so if they can be killed in about 3 or 4 hits, they are absolutely worth it.

Making Money

If you want fast money, you should get a Gephart for 7 Maple Coins and sell it to an NPC shop for 150,000 mesos. Or you can get Crystal Wand for 10 coins and try to sell it to other players for at least 210k. It is not recommended to sell Crystal Wand to the NPC shop as it only sells for 160,000. Gephart is the best NPC deal, but Crystal Wand is probably the best to sell to players because it's extremely rare to Magicians below level 30 who can't do MCPQ, but if you do the math, you'll find that Gephart actually gives you more money if you sell the Crystal Wand for below 210k. Also, some people save up Maple Coins for the rare Spiegelmann's Necklace, which sells for around 500k-1m.

Edit: After the new patch, the Gephart is now only 15,000 mesos when selling at an NPC shop because of a x10 equip item drop rate. All equip items are also sold at 10% of their original price, so use the Free Market to take advantage of this situation.


Repeatable Quest

Monster Carnival Guide- Guide

Laststandb's carnival pq guide (I/L)- Guide to CC1 fights (in channel one, all you do is create a room, and wait. Winning is another story, and not because you have all the high levels, this guide tells you that other story)

At level 51 you cannot trade in your Maple Coins for prizes!!! Exchange before you level!!!

@above Jack: You could still trade in your coins even after you're 51, has been tested.