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The Mini Dungeons are places where you or your party can go and train without any other players in the area. Once you or your party enter the map you get two hours (120 minutes) to train as you wish. While your party is inside the mini dungeon other parties or single players can still access the same mini dungeon in the same channel without seeing you, so you will never have to worry about unwanted behavior (hackers, kill stealers, etc) and there will be no parties outside the entrance begging you to leave.


Mini Dungeons

There are many mini dungeons, but the availability varies between game versions. Most of them are now available in MapleGlobal and MapleSEA.

The Hideout Spot of the Drumming Bunny

The Restoring Memory

Newtie Secured Zone

Longest Ride on ByeBye Station

Sweet Cake Hill 1

Sweet Cake Hill 2

Sweet Cake Hill 3

Long Kiss Duku Good Night


In Maple Story Global, there was an event quest called Naomi's Invitation 1 that is a event that allows one to go to "special" areas in the mini dungeons.Naomi's Invitation 2 requires that you get 100 maple points in these dungeons to get a special something...