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Mechanic Class Guide

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Updated for GMS Tempest

Welcome to my comprehensive guide for Mechanic. This guide has everything a Mechanic need to know varying from skill builds to AP distribution to training spots to equipment to medals! We have everything you need to know! If you want to find the skill build for your level, just press on your relative job advancement under the the skill build section in the tables of content. From there just scroll up or down to find your level. Please do not edit without my permission.


Mechanics are the third addition of the Resistance, representing the Pirate branch. They are vigilantes who fight the Black Wings, a criminal organization threatening to destroy Maple World. They come from a new area known as Edelstein.

Game Play

The Mechanic is similar to a gunslinger. They use guns, but they are always mounted on their robot. The robot gives them medium mobility, but they have a dash skill which can make them move quickly. Their robot can also summon minion robots. The robot is basically a tank.Mechanics uses Guns as their main weapon of choice, but they do not use the guns directly. Instead, they are tools used for your mech suit, which you gain as you advance as a Mechanic.

You start at Eldenstein, at level 1. You are to complete a series of quests to level up and advance. At level 10, players have the opportunity to become a Mechanic. They must speak to Headmaster Ferdi in Edelstein. He will give the player a letter, which will teleport you to the Underground Base when used. Afterwards, just speak to Checky and he will advance you to a Mechanic.

Ap Distribution

The main stat that you will be assigning your points to is Dexerity. Upon the release of the Tempest update, all secondary stats are now rendered useless. Just pump your AP points into DEX.

Recent Updates Changes

There was an update in GMS known as GMS Rise Against.

These are the changes:

Mechanics now have a secondary weapon (fits in the shield slot) called Magnum. You get 1 at every job advancement. Their stats are:

1st job (Magnum) => +3 DEX, +40 Accuracy.

2nd job (Split Magnum) =>+5 DEX, +60 Accuracy.

3rd job (Vital Magnum) =>+7 DEX, +80 Accuracy.

4th job (Eternal Magnum) => +10 DEX, +120 Accuracy. Comes with a hidden potential.

NEW SKILL: Hidden Peace (beginner): Passive, MAX HP/MP and total damage +10%

Drill Rush (1st): damage has been increased from 180% to 200%

Gatling Shot (1st): damage has been increased from 80% to 100%

Atomic Hammer (2nd): delay has been decreased, chance to stun has been increased from 60% to 80%, duration of stun has been increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds

Heavy Weapon Mastery (2nd): damage boost to Gatling Gun has been increased from 75% to 90%

Satellite (3rd): damage has been increased from 240% to 270%

Rocket Punch (3rd): damage has been decreased from 640% to 180%, number of hits has been increased from 1 to 4, stun duration has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds

Heavy Machine Gun (3rd): damage has been increased from 100% to 120%

Accelerator (3rd): max level has been decreased from 15 to 10

Healing Robot (3rd): max level has been decreased from 20 to 10

NEW SKILL: Overclock (3rd): The metal armor is greatly enhanced for 150 seconds, increasing damage by 30%. There is a cooldown of 150 seconds. Passive effect - ignore 30% of a monster's defense. (max level: 15)

Robot Mastery (4th): Summon duration and self destruct damage of robots has been increased from 50% to 70%

Safety (4th): max level has been decreased from 25 to 20

Laser Blast (4th): number of hits has been increased from 3 to 4

Missile Tank (4th): damage has been increased from 115% to 130%

Giant robot SG-44 (4th): cooldown has been decreased from 30 seconds to 20 seconds

NEW SKILL: Double down (4th): When using Lucky Dice, there is a 50% chance to roll another dice for two buffs. If you land doubles, you will get an increased effect. (max level: 5)


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Crystal Throw.png Crystal Throw Throws a piece of Rue at an enemy. Active 3 -
Sneak.png Sneak Allows you to hide and move quickly for a short time. Active 3 -
Alchemist.gif Potion Mastery Because of supply shortage issues, you've learned to use potions more effectively. Passive 3 -
Capture.png Capture Allows you to capture a monster after its HP falls below 50%. Monsters captured in the Jaguar habitat can be used as mounts. Active 1 Wild Hunters Exclusive
HunterCall.png Hunter's Call Allows you to randomly summon one of the monsters you've captured to help you. (Does not include Jaguar.) Active 1 Wild Hunters Exclusive
Hidden Peace Transforms the color of your mech. Colors are randomly selected. Active 1 Mechanic Exclusive
Mechanic Dash.png Mechanic Dash Press left/right twice to travel a short distance at a high speed. Active 1 Mechanic Exclusive
Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun Focuses your Gatling Gun on a single enemy. Supportive 15 x Level 1 Mech: Prototype
ME-07 Drillhands.png ME-07 Drillhands Uses drill arms to push and attack enemies. Active 20 x Level 1 Mech: Prototype
Flame Launcher.png Flame Launcher Launches flames that engulf multiple enemies. You can use this skill for up to 12 seconds. Active 20 Fire Level 1 Mech: Prototype
Metal Armour Prototype.gif Mech: Prototype Allows you to summon and mount the Prototype Mech, which greatly increases your Max HP, Max MP, Speed, ATT, DEF, and the range of your downward jumps. When attacked, you will gain a Stance effect. Hit the skill key to mount/unmount. Supportive 10 x -

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Atomic Hammer.png Atomic Hammer The Mech uses its built-in atomic force to slam its fist to the ground. Deals great damage to enemies in front of you, possibly Stunning them. Active 20 x -
Mechanical Booster.gif Mechanic Rage Temporarily doubles your Attack Speed. Supportive 10 x Level 5 Mechanic Mastery
Rocket Booster.png Rocket Booster Uses rocket power to jump. When you land, you deal damage to enemies in range. Consumes MP when you launch and when you land. Active 5 x -
Open Portal GX-9.png Open Portal: GX-9 Installs Portal GX-9. Up to two portal can be opened at once, and party members can freely move between them. Will not work if the two portals are too far apart. Supportive 10 x -
Heavy Weapon Mastery.gif Heavy Weapon Mastery Greatly enhances the Gatling Gun and Flame Launcher skills. Passive 20 x -
Mechanical Mastery.gif Mechanic Mastery Permanently increases your Weapon Attack, Weapon Mastery, Critical Rate, and Accuracy. Passive 10 x -
Perfect Armour.gif Perfect Armor Your Mech has been upgraded with two new abilities. They can be on/off by using the skill key. Supportive 20 x -
Physical Training.png Physical Training Permanently increases STR and DEX. Active 5 x -

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Punch Launcher.png Punch Launcher Launches a punch that hits multiple enemies, possibly Stunning them. Active 20 x -
Satellite.png Satellite Summons Satellites, tiny remote-controlled drones, to strike monsters you attack. Up to 3 Satellites can be summoned. Cancel the summon be pressing the skill key again. Supportive 10 x -
Healing Robot H-LX.png Healing Robot H-LX Summons the stationary bot H-LX to heal nearby party members with its special built-in detection sensor. Once healed, party member cannot receive another heal for 5 seconds. The H-LX self-destructs when it runs out of power. Supportive 10 x -
Siege.gif Mech: Siege Mode Your Mech switches to Siege mode to optimize firepower. Only basic attacks can be used during Siege mode. Increase the Critical Hit Rate of all attack. Active 20 x -
Metal Fist Mastery.gif Metal Fist Mastery Increases damage of the ME-07 Drillhands and Atomic Hammer skills. Passive 10 x -
Magnetic Field.gif Rock 'n Shock Installs up to 3 Tesla Coils to continuously attack and possibly stun enemies. They self-destruct when they run out of power. Active 10 x -
Roll of the Dice.png Roll of the Dice Test your luck! Roll a dice to get a random Buff. Roll a 1 and you get nothing. Active 20 x -
Accelerator - EX7.gif Acceleration Bot EX-7 You summon bot EX-7 to increase the Movement Speed of all monsters on the map but decrease their DEF. EX-7 will self-destruct when it runs out of power. Active 15 x -
Overclock.png Overclock Significantly overclocks your Mech's servo-timing to provide a massive temporary boost to Attack power. [Cooldown: 150 sec] Supportive 15 x -

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior Increases all players' stats within a team by a certain percentage. Supportive 30 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will Cures you from being Seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases. Supportive 5 x -
Extreme Metal Armour.gif Extreme Mech Further enhances the ATT, DEF, Max HP, Max MP, and Weapon Mastery of your Mech. Passive 30 x -
War Machine - Missle Tank.gif Mech: Missile Tank Activates Missile Tank mode during which your meach continuously consumes MP to gain an increased Critical Hit Rate. You can use Seige Mode during Missile Tank mode for increased damage. Get on/off your mount by pressing the skill key. Supportive 30 x Level 10 Mech: Siege Mode
Laser Beam.gif Laser Blast Shoots a laser beam that attacks multiple enemies. This skill can only be used during a Missile Tank mode. Active 30 x Level 1 Mech: Missile Tank
Safety.gif Satellite Safety Permanently increases Satellite attack damage. When you take a fatal blow, a Satellite can minimize the damage you take by absorbing some of the damage. The Satellite will then disappear and the skill will be on cooldown. Supportive 20 x Level 10 Satellite
Giant Robot SG-88.png Giant Robot SG-88 Summons giant robot SG-88 to attack all nearby enemies. An activation gauge pops up when this robot is summoned, and damage can be charged and amplified (up to two times the base amount) by hitting the regular attack key. Active 30 x -
Bots 'n Tots.png Bots 'n Tots Installs a robot factory that summons toy robots. Summoned robots detect nearby enemies and triggers a self-destruct function. The factory itself also self-destructs after a certain period of time. Active 30 x -
Amplifier Robot AF-11.png Amplifier Robot AF-11 The stationary amplifier robot AF-11 is summoned to enhance the damage of all party members. AF-11 self-destructs when it runs out of power. Supportive 20 x -
Robotics.gif Robot Mastery Increases the ATT, self-destruct damage, and summon duration of all summoned robots. Passive 15 x -
Double Down.png Double Down Try your luck! Roll two dice, and if both have the same number, you'll receive a very powerful buff. Passive 5 x Level 20 Roll of the Dice

Skill Build


First Job Skill Build

Level 10: +3 Mech: Prototype (3) + 1 Gatling Shot (1) + 1 ME - 07 Drillhands

Level 11: +2 Mech: Prototype (5) + 1 Gatling Shot (2)

Level 12: +2 Mech: Prototype (7) + 1 Gatling Shot (3)

Level 13: +2 Mech: Prototype (9) + 1 Gatling Shot (4)

Level 14: +1 Mech: Prototype(10) + 2 Gatling Shot (6)

Level 15: +3 Gatling Shot (9)

Level 16: +1 Gatling Shot (10) + 2 Flame Launcher (2)

Level 17: +3 Flame Launcher (5)

level 18: +3 Flame Launcher (8)

Level 19: +3 Flame Launcher (11)

Level 20: +3 Flame Launcher (14)

Level 21: +3 Flame Launcher (17)

Level 22: +3 Flame Launcher (Max)

Level 23: +3 Gatling Shot (13)

Level 24: +2 Gatling Shot (MAX) + 1 Me - 07 DrillHands (2)

Level 25: +3 ME - 07 DrillHands (5)

Level 26 +3 ME - 07 DrillHands (8)

Level 27: +3 ME - 07 DrillHands (11)

Level 28: +3 ME - 07 Drillhands (14)

Level 29: +3 ME - 07 Drillhands (17)

Level 30: +3 ME - 07 Drillhands (MAX)


Mech: Prototype: MAX

Flamelauncher: MAX

Gatling Shot: MAX

Me - 07 Drillhands:MAX

Reasoning: You want to get the highest increase from Prototype as soon as possible. Also, you want a good mobbing and 1v1 skill, Flame Launcher and Gatling Shot. Once you meet the prerequisite of Level 10 Gatling Shot, go all out on Flame Launcher; it's mobbing capabilities will level you fast. We like extra firepower on our 1v1 so we will max Gatling Shot first. Drillhands is only used for rushing.

Second Job Skill Build


Level 30: 1 Atomic Hammer (1) 1 Heavy Weapon Mastery (1) 1 Rocket Booster (1)

Level 31: 3 Mechanic Mastery (3)

Level 32: 3 Mechanic Mastery (6)

Level 33: 3 Mechanic Mastery (9)

Level 34: 3 Mechanic Mastery (12)

Level 35: 3 Mechanic Mastery (15)

Level 36: 3 Mechanic Mastery (18)

Level 37: 2 Mechanic Mastery (20) 1 Physical Training (1)

Level 38: 3 Physical Training (4)

Level 39: 3 Physical Training (7)

Level 40: 3 Physical Training (10)

Level 41: 3 Mechanic Rage (3)

Level 42: 3 Mechanic Rage (6)

Level 43: 3 Atomic Hammer (4)

Level 44: 3 Atomic Hammer (7)

Level 45: 3 Atomic Hammer (10)

Level 46: 3 Atomic Hammer (13)

Level 47: 3 Atomic Hammer (16)

Level 48: 3 Atomic Hammer (19)

Level 49: 1 Atomic Hammer (20) 2 HWM (3)

Level 50: 3 Heavy Weapon Mastery (6)

Level 51: 3 Heavy Weapon Mastery (9)

Level 52: 3 Heavy Weapon Mastery (12)

Level 53: 3 Heavy Weapon Mastery (15)

Level 54: 3 Heavy Weapon Mastery (18)

Level 55: 2 Heavy Weapon Mastery (20) 1 Open Portal (1)

Level 56: 1 Open Portal (2) 2 Mechanic Rage (8)

Level 57: 3 Mechanic Rage (11)

Level 58: 3 Perfect Armor (3)

Level 59: 3 Perfect Armor (6)

Level 60: 3 Perfect Armor (9)

Level 61: 3 Perfect Armor (12)

Level 62: 3 Perfect Armor (15)

Level 63: 3 Perfect Armor (18)

Level 64: 2 Perfect Armor (20) 1 Mechanic Rage (12)

Level 65: 3 Mechanic Rage (15)

Level 66: 3 Mechanic Rage (18)

Level 67: 2 Mechanic Rage (20) 1 Open Portal (3)

Level 68: 3 Open Portal (6)

Level 69: 3 Open Portal (9)

Level 70: 1 Open Portal (10) 2 Rocket Booster (3)


Atomic Hammer: MAX

Heavy Weapon Mastery: MAX

Rocket Booster: 3

Physical Training: MAX

Mechanic Rage: MAX

Open portal: GX-9 : 10

Perfect Armour:MAX

Mechanic Mastery: MAX

Reasoning: Max everything except Rocket Booster. The skills you maxed are important. After you reach 4th job, consider resetting SP and MAX your bots because you wouldn't need the attacking skills and their mastery. So instead, if you reset your SP, max your bots and passives(other than heavy weapon mastery) first.

Third Job Skill Build


Level 70: 1 Punch Launcher (1) 1 Mech Siege Mode(1) 1 Magnetic Field (1)

Level 71: 3 Overclock (3)

Level 72: 3 Overclock (6)

Level 73: 3 Overclock (9)

Level 74: 3 Overclock (12)

Level 75: 3 Overclock (15)

Level 76: 3 Punch launcher (4)

Level 77: 3 Punch Launcher (7)

Level 78: 3 Punch Launcher (10)

Level 79: 3 Punch Launcher (13)

Level 80: 3 Punch Launcher (16)

Level 81: 3 Punch Launcher (19)

Level 82: 1 Punch Launcher (20) 2 Magnetic Field (3)

Level 83: 3 Magnetic Field (6)

Level 84: 3 Magnetic Field (9)

Level 85: 3 Magnetic Field (12)

Level 86: 3 Magnetic Field (15)

Level 87: 3 Magnetic Field (18)

Level 88: 2 Magnetic Field (20) 1 Satellite (1)

Level 89: 3 Satellite (4)

Level 90: 3 Satellite (7)

Level 91: 3 Satellite (10)

Level 92: 3 Satellite (13)

Level 93: 2 Satellite (15) 1 Acceleration Bot EX-7 (1)

Level 94: 3 Acceleration Bot EX-7 (4)

Level 95: 3 Acceleration Bot EX-7(7)

Level 96: 3 Acceleration Bot EX-7 (10)

Level 97: 3 Satellite (18)

Level 98: 2 Satellite (20) 1 Roll of the Dice (1)

Level 99: 3 Roll of the Dice (4)

Level 100: 3 Roll of the Dice (7)

Level 101: 3 Roll of the Dice (10)

Level 102: 3 Roll of the Dice (13)

Level 103: 3 Roll of the Dice (16)

Level 104: 3 Roll of the Dice(19)

Level 105: 1 Roll of the Dice (20) 2 Siege Mode (3)

Level 106: 3 Siege Mode (6)

Level 107: 3 Siege Mode (9)

Level 108: 3 Siege Mode (12)

Level 109: 3 Siege Mode (15)

Level 110: 3 Siege Mode (18)

Level 111: 2 Siege Mode (20) 1 Healing Robot (1)

Level 112: 3 Healing Robot (4)

Level 113: 3 Healing Robot (7)

Level 114: 3 Healing Robot t (10)

Level 115: 3 Metal Fist Mastery (3)

Level 116: 3 Metal Fist Mastery (6)

Level 117: 3 Metal Fist Mastery (9)

Level 118: 3 Metal Fist Mastery (12)

Level 119: 3 Metal Fist Mastery (15)

Level 120: 3 Metal Fist Mastery (18)

Summary All maxed other than punch launcher.


Fourth Job Skill Build


Level 120: 1 Extreme Mech (1) 1 Mech Missile Tank (1) 1 Laser Blast (1)

Level 121: 1 Double Lucky Dice (1) 1 Bots n Tots (1) 1 Robot Mastery (1)

Level 122: 1 Satellite Safety (1) 1 Giant Robot SG-88 (1) 1 Double Lucky Dice (2)

Level 123: 3 Double Lucky Dice (5)

Level 124-134: 29 Extreme Mech (30) 1 Laser Blast (2)

Level 135-145: 28 Laser Blast (30) 2 Amplifier Robot AF-11 (2)

Level 146-152: 18 Amplifier Robot AF-11 (20)

Level 153-163: 29 Mech Missile Tank (30) 1 Bots n Tots

Level 164-174: 29 Bots n Tots (30) 1 Robot Mastery (2)

Level 175-179: 13 Robot Mastery (15) 2 Satellite Safety

Level 179-187: 17 Satellite Safety (20) 1 Whatever you want

Level 188-200: Your choice of giant robot or Maple Warrior


Reasoning: You want a variety of skills at your early levels for fun. The skills maxed are maxed in order of importance.


Pirate Guns
Levels 1-30
Gaussfield Mark - Pistol - Kyrin's Pistol - Pirate's Negotiator - Dellinger Special - The Negotiator - Golden Hook - Astaroth Gun - Cold Mind - Explorer's Lunar Shooter - Revolution Gun - Special Revolution Gun - Gaussfield Mark 2
Levels 31-70
Shooting Star - Maple Gun - King Pepe Shooting Star - Chaos Cold Mind - Lunar Shooter - Maple Storm Pistol - Beryl Maple Firerunner - 1st Unwelcome Guest Gun - Mr. Rasfelt - Bain Shooter Gaussfield Mark 3 - Burning Hell - Empress's Fine Burning Hell - Maple Cannon Shooter - Chaos Burning Hell - 2nd Unwelcome Guest Gun - Abyss Shooter - Xerxes's Abyss Shooter - Crimson Maple Firerunner - (Renegades) Abyss Shooter - Gaussfield Mark 4
Levels 71-120
Union Shooter - Resistance Gun - Maple Pyrope Shooter - Infinity's Wrath - Balrog's Infinity - Empress's Brilliant Infinity's Wrath - Legendary Infinity's Wrath - (Renegades) Infinity's Wrath - 3rd Unwelcome Guest Gun - The Peacemaker - (Renegades) The Peacemaker - Balrog's Peacemaker - The Jackal - Chaos Peacemaker - Legendary Peacemaker - Concerto - Legendary Concerto - (Renegades) Concerto - Tempest Queen's Finger - Tempest - Dragonic Tempest - Last Unwelcome Guest Gun - Dragonfire Revolver - Legendary Dragonfire Revolver - (Renegades) Dragonfire Revolver - Necro Eagle - Reverse Blindness - Timeless Blindness - Cora Von Leon Pistol- (Renegades) Maple Firerunner - Necro Eagle - Gaussfield Mark 5
Levels 121+
Saw Machine Gun - Abyss Blindness - Fearless Blindness - Mer Von Leon Pistol - VIP Gun - Vepar Bloody Eagle - Imperial Eagle - Grand Vepar Eagle - Loveless Blindness - Shark Tooth Sharpshooter


These are your secondary weapons, similar to Mercede's magic arrow and Phantom's card.


First job

+3 DEX, +40 Accuracy

Split Magnum

Second Job

+5 DEX, +60 Accuracy

Vital Magnum

Third Job

+7 DEX, + 80 Accuracy

Eternal Magnum

Fourth Job

+10 DEX, +120 Accuracy

Hidden potential


These medals are only available to Resistance Members when they reach certain milestones.

Training Locations

This part is meant to help you level up with ease!

Level 1-10

Eldenstein begginer quests - Highly Recommended

Level 10-20

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Blue Ribbon Pigs - Highly Recommended

Rotting Skeletons -Recommeneded

Level 20-30

Mixed Golems/Flaming Mixed Golems -Recommeneded

Rotting Skeletons -Recommeneded

Baby Boulder Munchers and Big Boulder Munchers -Recommended

Job Quests -Highly Recommended

Level 30-40

Scarecrows -Recommended

Mushroom Kingdom -Recommended

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies -Highly Recommended

Job Quests -Recommended

Level 40-50

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies -Highly Recommended

Scarecrows -Recommended

Azwan PQ - Not Recommended

Job Quests -Recommended

Level 50-60

Scarecrows -Recommeneded

Sand Rats and Scorpions -Recommeneded

Azwan PQ -Not Recommeneded

Alishar PQ - Highly Recommeneded

Twisted Jesters - Highly Recommended

Job Quests -Recommended

Level 60-70

Iron Mutaes -Recommeneded

Selkies and Slimies -Recommended

Tippo Red and Tippo Blue -Not Recommended

Azwan PQ -Not Recommended

Ludi PQ -Recommended

Twisted Jesters -Highly Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Level 70-80

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Silent Crusade Questline -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Selkies and Slimies -Highly Recommended

Twisted Jesters -Recommended

Roids and Neo Huroids -Recommended

Level 80-90

Selkies and Slimies -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Recommended

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Captains and Krus -Recommended

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners- Highly Recommended(needs dooring)

Level 90-100

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Highly Recommended

Azwan PQ -Recommended

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Captains and Krus -Recommended

Level 100-110

Evolving World -Recommended

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Recommended

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Master Death Teddies -Recommended

Level 110-120

Evolving World -Recommended

Azwan PQ -Not Recommended

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Recommended

Crockies -Highly Recommended

Gigantic Spirit Vikings -Recommended

Reindeers -Highly Recommended

Level 120+

Neo City 125+ The quests are great and give a mastery book + good medal at the end -Recommended

LHC 120-160 (Bearwolves preferably) -Highly Recommended

Temple of Time 120+ Not the best, but an alternative to other crowded training spots -Not Recommended

Azwan 135+ -Not Recommended

Papulatus for free potions. Requires prequests-Recommended

2nd Drill Hall 165-180/200 Good exp for high levels (Small Map) -Highly Recommended

Hall Of Honor 179-200 come here once you are 179 to get full exp. -Highly Recommended

Evolving World 120+ - Highly Recommended


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Classes of Maplestory
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Dawn Warrior - Blaze Wizard - Wind Archer - Night Walker - Thunder Breaker - Mihile
Aran - Evan - Mercedes - Phantom - Luminous
Battle Mage - Wild Hunter - Mechanic - Demon - Xenon
Kaiser - Angelic Burster


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