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Masteria, the latest continent for MapleStory. Masteria consists of three places:


Masteria is a new continent currently only availiable in MapleGlobal, MapleSEA, and EuropeMS. It is off coast of Kerning City but there is no world maps to show this. There are two towns, New Leaf City and Haunted Mansion. A new area, called Crimsonwood Keep, does not have a town. A third town, called Krakia, has been mentioned by NPCs in the game. Many areas that will be expanded in the future can be seen, like Vineland, Affluent Tower, Versal, and the Yetinx seen in New Leaf City. Its secrets and history are slowly opening up with every patch. The continent, which was first believed to sunk into the sea 1000 years ago, was warped to another world called Versal. It was returned with Olde Sapp Village erased, through a mysterious deal with the Mayor and an unknown person. It was unknown if the mayor knew that the continent was not actually sunk.