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The Marksman is the fourth job for Bowmen that chose Crossbow Man at second job. Marksmen have awesome attack capabilities, with an instant-kill skill (Sniping) along with the powerful Iron Arrow-like skill, Piercing. Their disabling skill Blind lowers the accuracy of the enemy monster. They share the skill Sharp Eyes with the Bow Master, allowing them to give the ability to strike critical damage to their party members.

Becoming a Marksman

At Level 120, speak to Athena Pierce. She will send you to see Legor of Leafre. The job instructor will instruct you to return the Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon. They are dropped by Manon and Griffey, or obtained through buying the Secret Letter of Spell from Vega and giving it to Chief Tatamo of Leafre. Either way, return the items to Legor and she will complete your journey as a Sniper and advance you to Marksman!

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Knights Of Cygnus
Crossbow Man
Bow Master
Wind Archer


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior Increases all players' stats within a team by a certain percentage. Supportive 30 x -
PiercingThumb.gif Piercing Arrow Fires an arrow. Its effect increases with each enemy it hits. Active 30 x -
Bolt Surplus.png Bolt Surplus Increases number of attacks for all multi-hit skills. Also increases Rangefinder's Critical Rate and maximum damage increase. Passive 10 x -
SharpEyesThumb.gif Sharp Eyes Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy's weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy. Supportive 30 x -
Illusion Step.png Illusion Step Greatly increases DEX and Avoidability for a set duration. Supportive 30 x Level 5 Concentrate
Crossbow Expertness.gif Crossbow Expert Increases Crossbow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Maximum Critical Damage. Passive 30 x Level 10 Crossbow Mastery
Vital Hunter.png Vital Hunter The further you are from your enemy, the lower their defenses will be. Passive 20 x -
Arrow Illusion.png Arrow Illusion Summons an arrow illusion for a short time to draw enemies in and damage them. If you get hit during the skill, you will launch a powerful counterattack. Active 30 x -
Last Man Standing.png Last Man Standing Attacks against a lone target do much more damage. Passive 10 x Level 10 Puppet
SnipingThumb.gif Snipe Fire a carefully aimed shot for a chance to defeat an enemy with a single arrow. Boss monsters resist this effect, but still take severe damage. Active 30 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Supportive 5 x -

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