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MapleStory Thailand

MapleStory Thailand or TMS is Thai version of MapleStory. It is, of course, written in Thai. Like MSEA, TMS runs by AsiaSoft. There are two servers in TMS at the present.

Due to issues on renewing the license, Maplestory Thailand will be closing its servers on June 29, 2012.


MapleStory Thailand was launched on 16th August 2004.


There are two servers at the present: Charina and Gabel+Lanla. Gabel+Lanla used to be separate servers but due to unpopularity of MapleStory in Thailand, these two servers were merged.

TMS exclusives

MapleStory Thailand has exclusive map Golden Temple, the extension map from Floating Market.

Current version

The current version of MapleStory Thailand is v0.71 as of Septemer 28, 2009.

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