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Logo MSEA.png
Location South-East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand)
Nickname MSEA
Version 1.17
Publisher AsiaSoft
Released 23 June 2005
Languages English
Time zone UTC+8 (SGT)
Worlds Aquila, Bootes, Cassiopeia, Delphinus, Eridanus, Fornax, Gemini, Hercules, Izar

MapleSEA or MSEA (short for Maplestory South East Asia) is the South-east Asian version of MapleStory. It is written in English (like MapleGlobal) and is meant for the countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (though people from other countries can sign up as well). Unlike MapleGlobal, MapleSEA is not run by Nexon but by AsiaSoft. There are nine worlds in MapleSEA all of which are named after constellations or stars.


MapleSEA was created on 23 June 2005, which led to the closing of the GMS beta world "Tespia East".


All the worlds are name after constellations, except for the world "Izar", which is name after a star. Each world are arranged in an alphabetical and chronological order (first world starts with 'A', second 'B' and goes on).

MapleSEA started off with one world: Aquila, which was released on the same date when MapleSEA was launched. Bootes was launched on 13th of July 2005. Soon after, on December 5 2005, Cassiopeia was launched. On November 30 2006, Delphinus was launched. On the 4th of June 2008, Eridanus was launched. On November 19 2008, the world Fornax was launched. On the 20th of May 2009, the world Gemini was launched. The next world to be released was Hercules, which was launched on September 2nd 2009. The latest world is Izar, it is in the Singapore Gateway, it was lauched on 18th November 2009. Gemini was the only world that used a chinese client. However, the chinese client was removed in the V0.80 Patch.

There are 2 different gateways in MapleSEA : Singapore and Malaysia. You can access Fornax, Gemini and Hercules world from the Malaysia Gateway whereas the other six worlds (Aquila, Bootes, Cassiopeia, Delphinus, Eridanus, Izar) can only be accessed from the Singapore Gateway.

MSEA exclusives

MapleSEA is the first to receive the Singapore and Malaysia map.

MapleSEA is the first to have MapleTV at various towns and free market.

New places (and therefore monsters, quests, NPCs and items as well) are often added to MSEA before other versions and after KMS, such as the recent Neo Tokyo and Aran Class. Please refer to Wikipedia's article on MapleStory to see a detailed content table of what is and isn't available to MSEA and other versions.

MapleSEA was the first to get Knights Of Cygnus and the Pink Bean (Pet) after KMS.

Common Questions

Q: If I live in thailand , can I play MapleSea A: Yes you can, ( though this question had became historical)

Q:If I created accounts on GMS before MapleSEA release , will my account still be accesible? A:Most Likley , you can't acess , due to IP Bans.

Q:How to create a MapleSEA account A:Unlike GMS NEXON site , to get a MapleSEA account , a person need to create an Asiasoft passport account , then create a MapleSEA account.

There is a rule when it comes to Asiasoft Account creating : 1 Email = 1 Asiasoft Account. A person caught to have "Multiple Asiasoft Account " Shall be banned by Asiasoft.

This Version of MapleStory ususally recieves patches around 3 month to 1.5 years after KMS patches.(eg. If KMS release Big Bang patch in year 2011 , we recieve the patch later in year 2011.

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