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Logo GMS.png
Location Global (mainly North and South America)
Nickname GMS
Version 1.10
Publisher Nexon
Released May 11, 2005
Languages English
Time zone UTC-8 (Pacific)
Worlds Arcania, Bellocan, Bera, Broa, Chaos, Demethos, El Nido, Galicia, Khaini, Kradia, Mardia, Nova, Scania, Windia, Yellonde, Zenith

MapleGlobal (also known as GlobalMS, GMS, and OMS ("official MapleStory") ) is the main gateway used by the vast majority of English-speaking (and many Spanish-speaking) players. It is available to all countries without a localized version of the game (South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and all of Europe have their own versions), but is generally populated by North and South American players.


The 16 available MapleGlobal servers (also referred to as worlds) are Scania, Bera, Broa, Windia, Khaini, Bellocan, Kradia, Yellonde, Demethos and with the 2007 Easter Event, Mardia. With the new December 9, 2009 patch, Galicia, In December 2010 with the Big Bang Patch 2 new servers came out El Nido and Zenith. In the 2nd part of the Big Bang patch, the new server was called Arcania. In July 2011 with the 1st Chaos Patch, the new server was called Chaos. In July 2011 with the 3rd Chaos Patch, the new server was called Nova.

Current version

The current version of MapleGlobal is 1.10. It is run by Wizet and Nexon. So far the areas Omega Sector, Aqua Road, Aqua Dungeon, Leafre, Showa, Korean Folk Town, Helios Tower, New Leaf City, Magatia, Singapore, Ereve, Malaysia, Temple of Time, and Rien, Neo City, Edelstein, El Nath ,Orbis, Gate to the Future and Elluel are available.

GMS exclusives

One previously exclusive of Global Maple Story is Amoria, a love-themed town where players can get married. Most versions of MapleStory now has access to this area, one exception being that China has access to their own exclusive Peach Blossom Island instead.

The future of GMS

Global MapleStory is catching up to Korean MapleStory with the Legend Update (have already finished), and with Alliance Unbound and Alliance Eternal.

Also New Features in KMS are coming soon in GMS

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