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Logo EMS.png
Location Europe
Nickname EMS
Version 0.76-2
Publisher Nexon
Released April 12, 2007
Languages English, German, Dutch, Spanish
Time zone GMT+1
Worlds Kradia, Demethos

Around late 2006 Nexon released a new MapleStory server made especially for Europeans, named MapleEurope. MapleEurope, or EMS, contains various languages - currently; English, German, Spanish and Dutch. French used to be available, but even though the language still seems available in the game the entire French user interface is actually in English.

EMS usually receives large updates infrequently as opposed to small updates more frequently such as GMS. EMS usually receives patches containing essential game extensions (such as fourth job advancement and Knights of Cygnus) later than other versions due to the many languages to translate the content to.

EMS is the last one the get 4th job advancement , realeased in around year 2010.

MapleEurope has only two worlds, named Kradia and Demethos, not to be confused with the MapleGlobal worlds with the same names.

The current version of MapleEurope is Version 0.81-1 and has recently entered Legends patch.


  • Kradia - First world, launched in 2006.
  • Demethos - Second world, launched in 2009.

Cash Shop

The Cash Shop and its items are available in Europe. The currency used is Nexon Cash, also known as NX Cash.

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