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Mana Points determine how many times a character in MapleStory can use certain Skills or Spells and has a maximum value of 30,000 and a minimum of 5. The term "Mana Points" is commonly abbreviated to MP. Your Mana Points are indicated as a blue bar at the bottom of the screen. It is regained automatically, without having to stop and wait (unlike Health Points) at a minimum rate of 3 MP per 10 seconds. Because of the slow rate of MP regeneration, most people consume potions to restore MP faster.

Different Jobs, Different MP

Note: These statements are general, and do not apply to specific cases.

  • Magicians have high Mana Points (highest of all 4 jobs), due to their Intelligent ability points, a Magician skill called Improving Max MP Increase, and also cause by getting a lot of mana points in Job Advancement. By level 30, an average Magician would have about 1700 Mana Points.
  • The rest of the jobs have a lower amount of mana points, as they don't get as many from Job Advancement, and since they have a lack of Intelligent Points.
  • Magicians have the highest MP regeneration due to the skill MP Eater. However, the skill Magic Guard will cause much MP to be used up. Because of this, a moderately-leveled Cleric, when training against mobs of undead, can use no potions at all.

Ways to permanently increase Max MP

  • To permanently increase your Max Mana Points, you can add Ability Points into the MP stat. This is strongly discouraged for all classes, as Ability Points can be better spent on the relevant of the four stats, Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT) and Luck (LUK). However, if you are a Magician and want to gain maximum MP, save up APs, and max the skill Improving Max MP Increase. Then put your saved up APs into MP.
  • You can also put your Ability Points into the INT stat, which will influence the MP gain you receive each time you level. Although the MP gained from this is minimal and only Magicians have other benefits from this, it is still an option.

Ways to temporarily increase Max MP

  • Obtain the buff, Hyper Body (Spearman's skill). When maxed, this buff will increase your max Mana Points by 60%, as well as Health Points.
  • You can apply Scrolls to different equipment like body armor, shields or helmets, that help increase your Max MP. Some armour already have Mana Point increases. Although these methods should not be your main aim to apply a scroll, they are still a nice bonus. The main objective to apply a scroll is to add Skill Points like STR, DEX, INT, or LUK. Remember that if you unequip these items, the buff provided are lost too.