Mal Volence (MV) Party Quest

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The forces of good have found a traitor in their midst! You must help Cody and other heroes to defeat this traitor and thwart his attempt at disrupting other Maple Heroes.

Quests Associated with PQ

  • The other quest is directly involved with the map gathering and is called Discover Secrets.


  • Level 10 and up


In order to find this new PQ, you must talk to Cody. Cody can be found in the following locations:

Make sure to ask Cody about the quest associated with the pq. This is the quest required to get the map required to find MV's lair. It is called "Discover Secrets".

Part 1: Jump Quest and Getting Hit

After talking to Cody, ask to go near Mv's Lair. You are taken to the Traitor's Room map, with some NPC's there. The NPC's are named Lara, Milla, and Charles(MV). Lara is the "Cash Shop" area of the dungeon, which i cannot due to the fact i got no cash right now. IF SOMEONE WOULD DO THAT SECTION, PLEASE DO. Milla takes you out of the area, and back to wherre you talked to Cody. Charles(MV) is the way into the PQ. First though, get a group of several people to go into the pq. After gathering members, talk to Charles(MV) about going to the area with the "Secret Letters" if you are the leader. If not, ask your leader to do that area.

You will notice the next section is filled with platforms and gaps. Also, find the rock piles and find the "Secret Letter"s. The rock piles spawn a MV Minion after you destroy them. Kill the MV Minion and collect the secret letters. They also drop other items, such as SOS Letter and Eyedrop.

While going around the level, you will notice invincible british guard looking people. They are there to help you. Basically stand near them and the direction you wish to travel across the gap, and they help you by hitting you across it. Note that this is the only way to get to certain piles of rocks found in the level. After getting letters, you will need to give to the leader, 7 to be exact. It will say you need them for the "Secrets Revealed" quest, but i found that it does not matter if the leader or you do it, because it will finish the quest. NOTE: IT may take a couple of pq's to finish the quest.

Give all the secret letters to the leader, then proceed to the top left of the level. The leader must give the letters to Charles(MV) to exit the level. If this is done correctly, you will and everyone else in the party will receive a Map to MV Lair. This map lets you access the boss of the pq, Mal Volence.

Part 2: The Rise and Fall of MAL VOLENCE

  • NOTE: It is mandatory that you finished the part one as descriped above. Failure to get the map will not let you enter the lair of MV. If a party member is missing a map, it is possible you will also not be able to enter the lair either <<<(THIS HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED!)

Have the leader of your party talk to Charles(MV) on the Traitor's map and select to use the map. Upon arriving at the lair of Mal Volence, you will notice many platforms and a pile of rocks in the middle. The boss is hiding under the rock pile, so if you want to buff your characters, you may wish to do before finding the boss under the pile of rocks.

After releasing Mal Volence, be wary that he has lots of HP. He also has three tricky attacks he does:

  1. He jumps and knockbacks all the members on the bottom area and middle area. This can stun party members.
  2. He throws a bunch of bombs doing high damage.
  3. He can summon minions halfway thru the battle also.

It is advised you have at least one player who can heal, and party members using long range weapons are also recommended. You will know his HP's are halfway gone when he summons minions. Keep it up and kill him.


  • Fireworks
  • Some experience points based on your level. (IM level 82 so i only got 320 experience points).

Lara's Treasure Quest

In order to enter this dungeon, you must purchase a cash item ticket to enter it.

.:Mv's Treasure:.

Go to top floor and break chest to get mv's saber


Mv's Hat (Dex,Str,Luk,Int) +7 of hat's stat +200 Hp 0 Def

And other random stuff

.:A Headache for treasure Hunters:.

Kill 50 Skel Guard Dog 30 Mummy Guard Dog 10 Angry Guard Dog

Reward 3000 Meso 2500 Exp


Mal Volence has a resemblance to "Guy Fawkes" and the hero from "V from Vendetta" (Its only the mask). This boss was likely modeled after these people.

These "British People" are not, in fact, invincible. If you happen to have a high leveled Shadower or something, then he/she can deal damage to it. They just happen to have a very high avoid rate.

Someone told me that Mal Volence was a level 10 boss with 400k life. I know it has 400k life, but i doubt it's level 10.