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  • Magic Defense (sometiems abbreviated to M.DEF) is the stat which calculates how much damage you recieve from a magic attack.
  • The higher the Magic Defense, the less magic damage you will receieve.
  • Magic Defense is a stat, NOT an ability, and increasing INT increases your Magic Defense.

Where Magic Defense is required

  • All classes find Magic Defense to be useful, but more so in the later levels, because low level monsters generally do not have magical attacks.
    • Magicians in general have the most Magic Defense of all classes.

Gaining Magic Defense

  • For the most part, Magic Defense is boosted when you equip armor. Generally, most Magician armors give Magic Defense boosts. Earrings, some capes also give Magic Defense boosts.
  • Scrolling your equipment:
    • There are DEF scrolls for the following. 60/70% boost 1 M.DEF and 10/30% boost 3 M.DEF.
      • Topwear
      • Bottomwear
      • Overall (INT and LUK)
      • Helmet
      • Shield
      • Cape for W. DEF
      • Cape for M. DEF (100% scroll gives 1 M.DEF, 60/70% gives 3 M.DEF and 10/30% goves 5 M.DEF)
    • Some weapons' 10/30% scrolls add +1 M.DEF to the equipment should the scroll pass.
  • List of useable items/skills that grant a temporary boost to Magic Defense:
Name Image M.DEF boost; Duration
Iron Will Iron Will Icon.png M.DEF +20 for 300 seconds (when maxed)
Bless Bless.gif M.DEF +20 for 200 seconds (when maxed)