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A character's Magic Attack is used to determine the damage from his/her spell attacks. The formula used is:

  • Max: [0.8*(Magic Attack) + 0.25*LUK]/18 * (Spell Attack)
  • Min: [0.8*(Magic Attack) + 0.25*LUK]/18 * (Spell Attack) * (Spell Mastery)

Magic Attack refers to this. Spell attack is simply the basic attack of the spell used, while Spell Mastery is the mastery value of the spell used.

The only characters that require Magic Attack are magicians, as they are the only class that attack using magical spells.

Determining Magic Attack

  • Intelligence adds Magic (can be seen in the expanded AP panel). Every point of Intelligence adds one Magic.
  • The Magic Attack value of Wands and Staffs (Staves) also adds to the overall Magic Attack.
    • Note: Wands and Staves are not the only weapons which increase Magic Attack. Some weapons like the Sky Blue Umbrella and the Yellow Umbrella have magic attack as well.

Magic Attack Boosters

Below is a list of potions and pills that give the user a boost of Magic Attack for a temporary period.

Picture Name Magic Attack (M.ATT) boost and duration
Magicpill.gif Magic Pill Magic Attack +5 for 10 minutes.
Magicpotion.PNG Magic Potion Magic Attack +5 for 3 minutes.
Sapofancienttree.jpg Sap of Ancient Tree Magic Attack +10 for 5 minutes.
Wizardpotion.PNG Wizard Potion Magic Attack +10 for 3 minutes.
Maple bbq.gif Maple BBQ Weapon Attack +13 and Magic Attack +13 for 20 minutes.
WizardElixer.png Wizard Elixir Magic Attack +20 for 8 minutes.
Cranberry Sauce.png Cranberry Sauce Magic Attack +30 for 3 minutes.
Meditation.gif Meditation Magic Attack +20 for 200 seconds at max level (magician skill).