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Welcome to my comprehensive guide for Luminous. This guide has everything a Luminous need to know varying from skill builds to AP distribution to training spots to equipment to medals! We have everything you need to know! Hyper Skills are included!

I am currently adding medals, quest guide, training locations, etc.

Skill builds are done :)


Luminous Guide is the second Magician Hero and the final addition in Legendary Hero class introduced in the second part of the Tempest Update. Luminous was previously known as a Mage of Light before he was corrupted by the Black Mage, transferring his evil powers into him. As of the other heroes besides Freud, he was frozen by the Black Mage.

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Luminous (II)
Luminous (III)
Luminous (IV)
(Hyper Skills)


The story starts off at the Temple of Time with Luminous making his way towards the Black Mage's chamber. Luminous meets up with Phantom, who calls him out on his tardiness and leaves. Afterwards, you meet Guwaru, one of the commanders of the Black Wings, who tries to destroy you. Before he could, he is killed by Magnus, another commander. Luminous attacks Magnus, all work to no avail. Magnus tells him that he is done with Maple World and leaves.

Luminous reaches Aran, who is injured facing off against the Black Mage's servants. She tells him that Freud and Mercedes are already fighting the Black Mage and that the injury held her up. He reaches the Black Mage's chamber, only to see Freud, Mercedes and the Demon Slayer already bested by the evil mage's powers. Freud tells him that the seals have been set up to capture the Black Mage and requires Luminous to activate it. Freud borrows the power of Rhinne to stop time temporarily for Luminous to activate the seals with no intervention. Luminous successfully activates the seal, but the Black Mage makes his attempt to breach it. Luminous goes and prevents him from doing so, but only to have the Black Mage to transfer his dark essence into the Mage of Light. The battle ends and the Black Mage is sealed. After the fight, Luminous is give one last quote:

'''Don't forget. The darkness inside of you will swallow you up.'''

We see Luminous lying unconscious on Ellinia. He is awakened by a little girl named Lania, who befriends him and spends time with him for years to come. Time passes and Lania has developed into a mature woman. One day, Lania askes Luminous to do some errands and believes the day is nice for a picnic. Luminous agrees to the notion, but before he can say goodbye, dark energy envelops Luminous and culminates into a large-scale explosion, that destroys the environment around and severly harms Lania. ALl of a sudden, he remembers what the Black Mage has told him and realizes that some of his powers was given to Luminous.

In Korean Maplestory, your player will have to choose between the path of light and dark. If you choose the light side, Luminous will restore everything he has destroyed and bring Lania back to health. If you choose the dark side, Luminous will leave the area and Lania in order to discover his newfound dark powers. In Global Maplestory, Luminous' story focuses mostly on the dark side.


KMS's Light/Dark gauge.

Luminous can be considered to be one of the more unique classes in Maplestory. Asides from gameplay, Luminous is the first class that incorporates actual voice acting within gameplay. In Korean Maplestory, his storyline is also interactive, changing depending on which side that you take: Light or Dark. Choosing one of the sides will have an impact on his quests and his skills as well. However, in Maplestory Global, his story is melded together in one questline. Also, Luminous can have bonuses for both Light and Dark skills.

GMS's Light/Dark gauge.

Upon second job, his gameplay takes a new twist. You are greeted with a gauge that measures the amount of light and dark is present. You will enter into a Light or Dark mode in which your skills respective to their side will be significantly stronger. The only way to get out of Light or Dark mode is to use the skills that responds to your current mode; If you are in Light mode, you use a Light skill and in Dark mode, you use a Dark skill. Apart from the damage increase, you will also enter into a special buff that will be a great asset to the player. Lastly, if you use a certain skill in its respective mode, the amount of hits the skill make is doubled, providing more power. Up to 3rd job, you will have the ability to balance your Light and Dark gauge into a state of Equlibrium, which will greatly increase both Light/Dark skills and Equilibrium skills itself.

In Global Maplestory, you can change which mode you are in with a skill and how much the gauge fills up does not alter any changes towards Luminous' modes in any way.

Luminous' weapon of choice are double edged magical weapons known as Shining Rods and his secondary weapon are Orbs. Higher level orbs can be bought and sold at various NPC markets.

Luminous's character selection screen.


  • Pros
    • Highest Mana Pool of any Magician.
    • Offers a unique variety of gameplay with the Light/Dark system.
    • Interactive storyline can increase the damage of either your light or dark skills
    • Impressive mobbing capability
    • Meso-friendly with HP potions
    • Near automatic Job Advancement
    • Light side's questline gives a major EXP bonus
  • Cons
    • Using light/dark skills opposite from their element will be weakened
    • Does not have Teleport Mastery unlike the other Magicians
    • Dark side's questline gives less EXP than the Light
    • Does not have a mount
    • Slower attacking speed compared to Evan.




Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Blessing of the Sprite.png Blessing of the Fairy Skill Point will increase by 1 when the related character reaches above Lv.10. Supportive 20 x -
Empress's Blessing.png Empress's Blessing Grants 1 skill level for every 5 levels your highest level Cygnus character has. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress's Blessing, the higher increase is applied. Supportive 30 x -
Light Wash.png Light Wash The power of light breaks down enemy DEF, allowing your attacks to penetrate. Supportive 1 x -
Will of the Alliance.png Will of the Alliance A powerful force is released, based on Willpower of the Alliance. Supportive 1 x -
Inner Light.png Inner Light Increases Willpower, Insight, and Intelligence. The power of light deflects all Darkness. Passive 1 x -

1st Job

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Light or Dark? Prerequisites
Dark Affinity.png Dark Affinity Permanently increases light/dark magic ATT. Passive 5 x -
Standard Magic Guard.png Standard Magic Guard Converts a portion of damage dealt to you so it affects your MP instead of your HP. Permanently increases Physical and Magic DEF. Passive 10 x -
Abyssal Drop.png Abyssal Drop Drops a condensed orb of darkness on multiple enemies in front of you. Active 10 Dark Magic -
Mana Well.png Mana Well Increases Max MP for a short time. Supportive 20 x -
Flash Shower.png Flash Shower Fires a condensed orb of light that penetrates enemies as it flies. Active 10 Light Magic -
Light Speed.png Light Speed Teleport in the direction you want by becoming a beam of light. You will be invulnerable for a short time after teleporting. Also permanently increases Movement Speed and Jump. Supportive 10 x -

Second Job

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Light or Dark? Prerequisites
Spell Mastery.png Spell Mastery Increases Magic Mastery, and Magic Attack. Passive 10 x -
Magic Booster2.png Magic Booster Increases the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a Shining Rod equipped. Supportive 10 x -
High Wisdom.png High Wisdom Permanently increase INT. Passive 10 x -
Sylvan Lance.png Sylvan Lance Tosses a spear of light to hit multiple enemies. Active 20 Light Magic -
Black Blessing.png Black Blessing A dark orb forms when you evade attacks for a short time in battle. Accumulating orbs will also increase Magic ATT. If you take any damage, one orb will be destroyed and absorb some of the damage. Supportive 20 x -
Blinding Pillar.png Blinding Pillar Detonates a pillar of light that knocks back enemies and has a chance to stun. Active 10 Light Magic -
Pressure Void.png Pressure Void Direct an orb of darkness to batter enemies. You can move the orb by holding the skill key and steering with the directional keys. Active 20 Dark Magic -

Third Job

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Light, Dark, Equil? Prerequisites
Moonlight Spear.png Moonlight Spear Fires a chain of dark moonlight from under the enemies' feet. Active 20 Dark Magic -
Ray of Redemption.png Ray of Redemption Heal your party members and deal damage to enemies with the power of light. Active 20 Light Magic -
Spectral Light.png Spectral Light Fires controllable beams of light. You can steer the beams by holding the skill button and using the directional keys. Active 20 Light Magic -
Shadow Shell.png Shadow Shell Deflect all abnormal status effects. The shell breaks and must cooldown after a certain number of deflected status effects. Passively increases resistance to all elemental and abnormal status effects. Supportive 10 x -
Dusk Guard.png Dusk Guard Temporarily increase Physical and Magic DEF and has a chance to ignore damage. Supportive 10 x -
Photic Meditation.png Photic Meditation Temporarily increases party Magic ATT. Stacks with Meditation. Supportive 20 x -
Lunar Tide.png Lunar Tide Increase either Critical Rate or ATT, depending on your HP and MP. Passive 20 x -
Death Scythe.png Death Scythe A scythe-toting reaper comes down to destroy enemies. Active 20 Equilibrium -

Fourth Job Luminous

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Light, Dark, Equil? Prerequisites
Maple Warrior.gif Maple Warrior Temporarily increases the stats of all team members. Supportive 30 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Supportive 5 x -
Magic Mastery2.png Magic Mastery Enhances Magic Mastery, Magic Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage. Passive 30 x -
Morning Star.png Morning Star Drops explosive meteors on enemies. Active 30 Dark Magic -
Apocalypse.png Apocalypse Opens the Abyssal Rift under enemies to flood them with void energy. Active 30 Dark Magic -
Ender.png Ender Attacks enemies with a giant blade that instantly eliminates them. Deals great damage to monsters that do not fall instantly. Active 30 Equilibrium -
Arcane Pitch.png Arcane Pitch Ignore DEF and increase Critical Rate for a short period of time. Supportive 30 x -
Dark Crescendo.png Dark Crescendo Has a chance to increase damage with each consecutive hit for a short period of time. Supportive 30 x -
Darkness Mastery.png Darkness Mastery The buff duration of Equilibrium and the restoring speeds for both light and darkness skills increase. Also increase the ATT of Death Scythe. Passive 5 x Level 20 Death Scythe
Reflection.png Reflection Emit a powerful arrow of light that splits when it hits enemies to deal splash damage. Active 30 Light Magic -

Ap Distribution

When the Tempest patch was released, all secondary stats were rendered useless. Now just pump all your points into INT.

New Light And Dark Attack System

Luminous has an entirely new attacking system which makes them unique from other classes. A crystal gauge appears when you are second job. It has light crystals on the left and dark crystals on the right. There is a light/dark image directly below the question mark of the crystal. If you want to enhance your light skills, you click on the light side and your light skills will receive an increase. The increase is from the beginner skill called Sunfire. Light skills receive 50% more damage, cost 50% less MP and recovers 1% hp from each attack. If you click on the right side, you'll be under the influence of Eclipse. Dark skills deal 50% more damage, cost 50% less MP and recovers 1% hp from each attack.


Luminous has an entirely new weapon which will be introduced into GMS upon its release. It is called a shining rod. A shining rod is a one handed mage weapon. Luminous also has a projectile they need or they cannot attack. This is similar to Mercedes's arrow and Phantom's card. Luminous' projectile is an orb.

Magician Shining Rods
Levels 10-30
Plain - Golden Shine
Levels 31-70
Chaos Golden Shine - King Pepe Golden Shine - Decor - Vallentier - Chaos Vallentier - Sharp Slaver - Xerxe's Sharp Slaver
Levels 71-120
Balrog's Light Sage Wing - Light Sage Wing - Balrog's Shining Twin Star - Shining Twin Star - Chaos Shining Twin Star - Gleaming Gold Wing - Crescent Polearm - Tempest Shining Rod - Dragon Crescent - Dragonic Crescent - Shining Dragon Rod - Alma Von Leon Glorier - Luminous Shining Rod - Necro Shining Rod - Shining Dragon Rod - Reverse Dead End - Timeless Dead End
Levels 121+
Abyss Dead End - Fearless Dead End - Hexed Von Leon Glorier - Emperor's Shining Rod - Ergoth Bloody Shining Rod - Grand Eligos Bloody Shining Rod - Loveless Dead End - Dragon Tail Thanatos
Magician Equipment Templates
Magician Overalls - Magician Tops/Bottoms - Magician Gloves - Magician Shoes - Magician Staffs - Magician Wands - Magician Shining Rods

First Job Skill Build

You already have one sp for Abyssal Drop and Flash Shower when you advance at level 10.

10: +4 Dark Affinity (4) +1 Light Speed (1)

11: +1 Dark Affinity (Maxed)

12: +3 Standard Magic Guard (3)

13: +3 Standard Magic Guard (6)

14: +3 Standard Magic Guard (9)

15: +1 Standard Magic Guard (Max) +2 Mana Well (2)

16: +3 Mana Well (5)

17: +3 Mana Well (8)

18: +3 Mana Well (11)

19: +3 Mana Well (14)

20: +3 Mana Well (17)

21: +3 Mana Well (Max)

22: +3 Flash Shower / Abyssal Drop (4)

23: +3 Flash Shower / Abyssal Drop (7)

24: +3 Flash Shower / Abyssal Drop (Max)

25: +3 Flash Shower / Abyssal Drop (4)

26: +3 Flash Shower / Abyssal Drop (7)

27: +3 Flash Shower / Abyssal Drop (Max)

28: +3 Light Speed (4)

29: +3 Light Speed (7)

30: +3 Light Speed (Max)

Summary: Maxed all skills

Reasoning: You want to get Dark Affinity first for the extra 5% magic atk increase. You add 1 point into Light Speed for extra mobility. You max Standard Magic Guard for survivability purposes. You then max Mana Well for more mp. This means more health because your hp is basically your mp. You max Flash Shower or Abyssal Drop in the order you like. This is based on your preference. Light speed is then maxed with the remaining SP. You cannot save SP. k

Second Job Skill Build

We get Sylvan Lance and Pressure Void automatically at level 30.

Level 30: +2 Magic Booster (2)

Level 31: +3 Spell Mastery (3)

Level 32: +3 Spell Mastery (6)

Level 33: +3 Spell Mastery (9)

Level 34: +1 Spell Mastery (Max), +2 High Wisdom

Level 35: +3 High Wisdom (Max)

Level 36: +3 Black Blessing (3)

Level 37: +3 Black Blessing (6)

Level 38: +3 Black Blessing (9)

Level 39: +3 Black Blessing (12)

Level 40: +3 Black Blessing (15)

Level 41: +3 Black Blessing (18)

Level 42: +2 Black Blessing (Max), +1 Magic Booster (3)

Level 43: +3 Magic Booster (6)

Level 44: +3 Magic Booster (9)

Level 45: +1 Magic Booster (Max), +1 Pressure Void (2), +1 Sylvan Lance (2)

Level 46: +2 Pressure Void (4), +1 Sylvan Lance (3)

Level 47: +1 Pressure Void (5), +2 Sylvan Lance (5)

Level 48: +2 Pressure Void (7), +1 Sylvan Lance (6)

Level 49: +1 Pressure Void (8), +2 Sylvan Lance (8)

Level 50: +2 Pressure Void (10), +1 Sylvan Lance (9)

Level 51: +1 Pressure Void (11), +2 Sylvan Lance (11)

Level 52: +2 Pressure Void (13), +1 Sylvan Lance (12)

Level 53: +1 Pressure Void (14), +2 Sylvan Lance (14)

Level 54: +2 Pressure Void (16), +1 Sylvan Lance (15)

Level 55: +1 Pressure Void (17), +2 Sylvan Lance (17)

Level 56: +2 Pressure Void (19), +1 Sylvan Lance (18)

Level 57: +1 Pressure Void (Max), +2 Sylvan Lance (Max)

Level 58: +3 Blinding Pillar (3)

Level 59: +3 Blinding Pillar (6)

Level 60: +3 Blinding Pillar (9)

Summary: All maxed except Blinding Pillar.

Explanation: At level 30, you have two new attacks automatically with 3 SP. We put the next 5 points into magic booster to make our attack speed faster. Faster attack = more damage = dead monsters = more exp = happy you. Spell mastery is maxed to increase our magic mastery and give us more damage. High Wisdom is maxed next to give us more int. More int = more damage. Black Blessing is maxed for a significant damage boost. Max which ever attacking skill you feel comfortable with (NOT BLINDING PILLAR). I like Sylvan Lance for some reason. Then we max Magic Booster to extend the booster time. Lastly, dump your points into the useless skill Blinding Pillar. All it does is push monsters away which makes it more time consuming to attack them all.

Third Job Skill Build

60: +1 Moonlight Spear (1), +1 Spectral Light (1), +1 Death Scythe (1), +1 Photic Meditation (1)

61: +1 Ray of Redemption (1), + Photic Meditation (3)

62: +3 Photic Meditation (6)

63: +3 Photic Meditation (9)

64: +3 Photic Meditation (12)

65: +3 Photic Meditation (15)

66: +3 Photic Meditation (18)

67: +2 Photic Meditation (Max), +1 Life Tidal (1)

68: +3 Lunar Tide (4)

69: +3 Lunar Tide (7)

70: +3 Lunar Tide (10)

71: +3 Lunar Tide (13)

72: +3 Lunar Tide (16)

73: +3 Lunar Tide (19)

74: +1 Lunar Tide (Max), +2 Dusk Guard (2)

75: +3 Dusk Guard (5)

76: +3 Dusk Guard (8)

77: + 2 Dusk Guard (Max), +1 Ray of Redemption (2)

78: +3 Ray of Redemption (5)

79: +3 Ray of Redemption (8)

80: +3 Ray of Redemption (11)

81: +3 Ray of Redemption (14)

82: +3 Ray of Redemption (17)

83: +3 Ray of Redemption (Max)

84: +3 Spectral Light (4)

85: +3 Spectral Light (7)

86: +3 Spectral Light (10)

87: +3 Spectral Light (13)

88: +3 Spectral Light (16)

89: +3 Spectral Light (19)

90: +1 Spectral Light (Max), +2 Death Scythe (3)

91: +3 Death Scythe (6)

92: +3 Death Scythe (9)

93: +3 Death Scythe (12)

94: +3 Death Scythe (15)

95: +3 Death Scythe (18)

96: +2 Death Scythe (Max), +1 Anti-Magic Shell (1)

97: +3 Shadow Shell (4)

98: +3 Shadow Shell (7)

99: +3 Shadow Shell (Max)

100: +3 Ray of Redemption (4)


All skills maxed except MoonLight Spear

Ray of Redemption hits 3 times and heals 800% at max level (the game description doesn't mention the extra hits). Because Moonlight Spear isn't needed in 4th job, you can avoid using dark mode entirely in 3rd, and MS is pitifully weak compared to Spectral Light, you may want to consider telling people reading your guide that maxing Ray of Redemption instead is viable because it retains a secondary purpose in 4th job.

Fourth Job Skill Build

100: +1 Apocalypse, +1 Reflection, +1 Ender, 1 Morning Star (1)

101: +3 Magic Mastery (3)

102: +3 Magic Mastery (5)

103: +3 Magic Mastery (8)

104: +3 Magic Mastery (11)

105: +3 Magic Mastery (14)

106: +3 Magic Mastery (17)

107: +3 Magic Mastery (20)

108: +3 Magic Mastery (23)

109: +3 Magic Mastery (26)

110: +3 Magic Mastery (29)

111: +1 Magic Mastery (Max) +2 Darkness Mastery

112: +3 Darkness Mastery (Max)

113: +3 Arcane Pitch (3)

114: +3 Arcane Pitch (6)

115: +3 Arcane Pitch (9)

116: +3 Arcane Pitch (12)

117: +3 Arcane Pitch (15)

118: +3 Arcane Pitch (18)

119: +3 Arcane Pitch (21)

120: +3 Arcane Pitch (24)

121: +3 Arcane Pitch (27)

122: +3 Arcane Pitch (Max)

123: + 3 Reflection (4) / +1 Apocalypse (4)

124: +3 Reflection (7) / +3 Apocalypse (7)

125: +3 Reflection (10) / +3 Apocalypse (10)

126: +3 Reflection (13) / +3 Apocalypse (13)

127: +3 Reflection (16) / +3 Apocalypse (16)

128: +3 Reflection (19) / +3 Apocalypse (19)

129: +3 Reflection (22) / +3 Apocalypse (22)

130: +3 Reflection (25) / +3 Apocalypse (25)

131: +3 Reflection (28) / +3 Apocalypse (28)

132: +2 Reflection (Max) / +2 Apocalypse (Max)

133: + 3 Dark Crescendo (3)

134: +3 Dark Crescendo (6)

135: +3 Dark Crescendo (9)

136: +3 Dark Crescendo (12)

137: +3 Dark Crescendo (15)

138: +3 Dark Crescendo (18)

139: + 3 Dark Crescendo (21)

140: + 3 Dark Crescendo (24)

141: +3 Dark Crescendo (27)

142: +3 Dark Crescendo (Max)

143: +3 Ender (3)

144: +3 Ender (6)

145: +3 Ender (9)

146: +3 Ender (12)

147: +3 Ender (15)

148: +3 Ender (18)

149: +3 Ender (21)

150: +3 Ender (24)

151: +3 Ender (27)

152: +3 Ender (Max)

153: +3 Apocalypse (4) / Reflection (4)

154: +3 Apocalypse (7) / Reflection (7)

155: +3 Apocalypse (10) / Reflection (10)

156: +3 Apocalypse (13) / Reflection (13)

157: + 3 Apocalypse (16) / Reflection (16)

158: +3 Apocalypse (19) / Reflection (19)

159: +3 Apocalypse (22) / Reflection (22)

160: +3 Apocalypse (25) / Reflection (25)

161: +3 Apocalypse (28) / Reflection (28)

162: +2 Apocalypse (Max) / Reflection (Max) + 1 Maple Warrior (1)

163: +3 Maple Warrior (4)

164: +3 Maple Warrior (7)

165: +3 Maple Warrior (10)

166: +3 Maple Warrior (13)

167: +3 Maple Warrior (16)

168: +3 Maple Warrior (19)

169: +3 Maple Warrior (22)

170: +3 Maple Warrior (25)

171: +3 Maple Warrior (28)

172: +2 Maple Warrior (Max) +1 Hero's Will (1)

173: +3 Hero's Will (4)

174: +1 Hero's Will (Max), +2 Morning Star (4)

175: +3 Morning Star (7)

176: +3 Morning Star (10)

177: +3 Morning Star (13)

178: +3 Morning Star (16)

179: +3 Morning Star (19)

180: +3 Morning Star (22)

181: +3 Morning Star (25)

182: +3 Morning Star (28)

183: +2 Morning Star (Max)

Summary: All skills are maxed.


You add one point into Apocalypse, Reflection, Ender and Morning Star for brand new attacks! Reflection replaces Spectral Light at level 11. You max magic mastery for another monstrous damage increase. Followed by magic mastery is darkness mastery which also increases the damage of death scythe and gives you more power in equilibrium mode. Arcane pitch is then maxed for some extra PDR and critical. The next part is your choice. What do you prefer, Apocalypse or Reflection? Then you max Dark Crescendo for damage stack, followed by Ender. Ender can 1 hit KO monsters and Dark Crescendo stacks damage. Now you max the attack that you didn't choose to max before. It's either Apocalypse or Reflection. Maple Warrior and Hero's Will follow. Morning Star is maxed last as it is the least effective skill.

Hyper Skills

Hyper Skills are an advanced collection of skills that can be obtained in various levels above the level 140 range. You can find your moveset on the normal skill window by pressing the Hyper Skill button. There are three types of Hyper Skills that exists:

  • Passive Stat Boost (S): Passive skills that will add bonus stats to your character.
  • Passive Skill Boost (P): Passive skills that will upgrade your character's normal skills, it's effects varies from increased damage to another attack count to more unique abilities.
  • Active Attack/Buff (A): Along with your passive skills, you will gain one attacking skill and two buffs. You are able to recieve your first buff at level 150, your attack at level 170 and your second buff at level 200.

Obtaining SP for your Hyper Skills requires a much different feat as opposed to your normal skills. Starting at 140, you will gain a certain amount of SP every ten levels for each skill category:

  • Lv. 140: +1 (S), (P)
  • Lv. 150: +1 (S), (A)
  • Lv. 160: +1 (S), (P)
  • Lv. 170: +1 (S), (A)
  • Lv. 180: +1 (P)
  • Lv. 190: +1 (S), (P)
  • Lv. 200: +1 (S), (P), (A)

This makes a total of 6 (S) SP, (5) P SP, and (3) A SP. You can reset your SP in order to use it for other skills, but it requires a certain meso cost, which gradually increases the more you reset, starting at 100,000 mesos and going up to 10 million mesos.

Passive Stat Boost

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level
Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength Permanently increases STR. Passive 1 140
Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity Permanently increases DEX. Passive 1 140
Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence Permanently increases INT. Passive 1 140
Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck Permanently increases LUK. Passive 1 140
Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical Permanently increases Critical Rate. Passive 1 198
Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy Permanently increases Accuracy. Passive 1 158
Hyper Health.png Hyper Health Permanently increases Max HP. Passive 1 192
Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana Permanently increases Max MP. Passive 1 186
Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury Permanently increases Max DF. Passive 1 180
Hyper Weapon Defense.png Hyper Weapon Defense Permanently increases Weapon DEF. Passive 1 165
Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense Permanently increases Magic DEF. Passive 1 174
Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed Permanently increases Movement Speed. Passive 1 152
Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump Permanently increases Jump. Passive 1 146

Passive Skill Boost

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level and Skill
Reflection - Spread.png Reflection - Spread When Reflection spreads, damage no longer gets reduced. Passive 1 162
Reflection - Reinforce.png Reflection - Reinforce Increases Reflection's damage. Passive 1 143
Reflection - Range Up.png Reflection - Range Up Increases Reflection's range. Passive 1 183
Apocalypse - Recharge.png Apocalypse - Recharge Increase the gauge increase amount from Apocalypse. Passive 1 168
Apocalypse - Reinforce.png Apocalypse - Reinforce Increases Apocalypse's damage. Passive 1 149
Apocalypse - Extra Target.png Apocalypse - Extra Target Increases the number of monsters that Apocalypse hits. Passive 1 189
Ender - Reinforce.png Ender - Reinforce Increases Ender's damage. Passive 1 155
Ender - Range Up.png Ender - Range Up Increases Ender's range. Passive 1 195
Ender - Extra Target.png Ender - Extra Target Increases the number of monsters that Ender hits. Passive 1 177

Active Attack/Buff

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level and Skill
Equalize.png Equalize Puts you in Equilibrium mode immediately upon use. Supportive 1 150
Armageddon.png Armageddon Uses the Black Mage's power to render all enemies immobile and deal damage. Active 1 170
Heroic Memories4.png Heroic Memories Recalls the oath of the Maple Heroes to increase damage and max damage cap. Supportive 1 200

Hyper Skill Build

Level 140: S-Type: +1 Hyper Intelligence (MAX), P-Type: +1 Saved SP (1)

Level 150: A-Type: +1 Memorize (MAX)

Level 150: S-Type: +1 Saved SP (1)

Level 162: P-Type: (Saved SP Used) P-Type: +1 Reflection - Spread (MAX)

Level 165: (Saved SP Used) S-Type: +1 Hyper Physical Guard (MAX)

Level 168: P-Type: +1 Apocalypse - Recharge (MAX)

Level 170: S-Type: +1 Saved SP (1), A-Type: +1 Armageddon (MAX)

Level 174: (Saved SP Used) S-Type: +1 Hyper Magical Guard (MAX)

Level 180: P-Type: +1 Saved SP (1)

Level 186: (Saved SP Used) S-Type: +1 Hyper Max Mana Point (MAX)

Level 189: (Saved SP Used) P-Type: +1 Apocalypse - Extra Target (MAX)

Level 190: S-Type: +1 Saved SP, P-Type: +1 Reflection - Add Range (MAX)

Level 198: (Saved SP Used) S-Type: +1 Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)

Level 200: S-Type: +1 Hyper Max Health Point (MAX), P-Type: +1 Ender - Extra Target (MAX), A-Type: +1 Hero's Oath (MAX)

Passive Stat Enhancer (S): Hyper Max Heart Points: MAX Hyper Max Mana Points: MAX Hyper Intelligence: MAX Hyper Physical Guard: MAX Hyper Magical Guard: MAX Hyper Critical Rate : MAX

Passive Skill Enhancer (P): Reflection - Spread: MAX Apocalypse - Recharge: MAX Apocalypse - Extra Target: MAX Reflection - Add Range: MAX Ender - Extra Target: MAX

Active Buff/Attack (A): Memorize: MAX Armageddon: MAX Heroic Memories: MAX


Level 140: We add one point into Hyper Intelligence (Passive Stat Enhancer) for a +50 INT boost . You save your Passive Skill Enhancer point until you find a very useful skill. Level 150 We use your saved SP point, Active Buff/Attack SP (the A-Type) and put it on Equalize so that you can instantly go to Equilibrium. Leave your Passive Stat Enhancer SP for Hyper Physical Guard for the extra Defense.

Level 160: At Level 162, use the saved Passive Skill Enhancer SP from Level 140 and put it into Reflection - Spread so you have no damage reduction on chaining. Then, at

Level 165 add the point saved for the Passive Stat Enhancer SP into Hyper Physical Guard. At 168, use your Passive Skill Enhancer SP in Apocalypse - Recharge so that you can get to Equilibrium more quickly.

Level 170: At Level 170, you put the Saved Passive SKill Enhancer SP from Level 150 into Armageddon for a nice Ultimate. Then, at level 174, add the Passive Stat Enhancer SP into Hyper Magical Guard for the extra Magic Defense!

Level 180: At Level 180, save the Passive Skill Enhancer SP. Once you hit Level 186, use the saved Passive Stat Enhancer SP from Level 170 and add it to Hyper Max Mana Point for (Even more Mana onto your already extremely high mana) MP. Then, at Level 189, use the saved Passive Skill Enhancer SP from Level 180 and add it to Apocalypse - Extra Target so you can hit more monsters.

Level 190: Save the Passive Stat Enhancer SP. Add the Passive Skill Enhancer SP into Reflection - Add Range so you can stay farther away from the monsters when you attack. At Level 198, use the saved Passive Stat Enhancer SP for higher Critical Rate.

Level 200: Add the Passive Stat Enhancer SP to Hyper Max Health point so that Magic Guard can be a little less overused. Add the Passive Skill Enhancer SP to Ender- Extra Target so that when you're bossing, you can hit more boss noobs like at Cygnus. Then, add the Active Attack Or Buff SP into Heroic Memories to increase damage cap.

Training Locations

This part is meant to help you level up with ease!

Level 1-10

Luminous is automatically level 10 once you are done the tutorial

Level 10-20

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Blue Ribbon - Highly Recommended

Level 20-30

Mixed Golems/Flaming Mixed Golems -Recommeneded

Rotting Skeletons -Recommeneded

Baby Boulder Munchers and Big Boulder Munchers -Recommended

Job Quests -Highly Recommended

Level 30-40

Scarecrows -Recommended

Mushroom Kingdom -Recommended

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies -Highly Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Level 40-50

Latest Hits Compilations and Greatest Oldies -Highly Recommended

Scarecrows -Recommended

Aswan PQ - Not Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Level 50-60

Scarecrows -Recommeneded

Sand Rats and Scorpions -Recommeneded

Aswan PQ -Not Recommeneded

Ludi PQ - Highly Recommeneded

Twisted Jesters - Highly Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Level 60-70

Iron Mutaes -Recommeneded

Selkies and Slimies -Recommended

Tippo Red and Tippo Blue -Recommended

Aswan PQ -Not Recommended

Ludi PQ - Highly Recommended

Twisted Jesters -Highly Recommended

Job Quests - Highly Recommended

Level 70-80

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Silent Crusade Questline -Recommended

Aswan PQ -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Selkies and Slimies -Highly Recommended

Twisted Jesters -Recommended

Roids and Neo Huroids -Recommended

Level 80-90

Selkies and Slimies -Recommended

Aswan PQ -Recommended

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Captains and Krus -Recommended

Level 90-100

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Highly Recommended

Aswan PQ -Recommended

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Captains and Krus -Recommended

Level 100-110

Evolving World -Recommended

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Recommended

Aswan PQ -Recommended

Magatia PQ Grind -Recommended

Pyramid PQ -Recommended

Master Death Teddies -Recommended

Level 110-120

Evolving World -Recommended

Aswan PQ -Not Recommended

Alien Cogs and Alien Miners -Recommended

Crockies -Highly Recommended

Gigantic Spirit Vikings -Recommended

Level 120+

Neo City 125+ The quests are great and give a mastery book + good medal at the end -Recommended

LHC 120-160 (Bearwolves preferably) -Highly Recommended

TOT 120+ Not the best, but an alternative to other crowded training spots -Not Recommended

Aswan 135+ -Not Recommended

Pap 2x a day 120-130 Pap is very good exp. Requires Prequests though -Recommended

2nd Drill Hall 165-180/200 Good exp for high levels (Small Map) -Highly Recommended

Hall Of Honour 179-200 come here once you are 179 to get full exp. -Highly Recommended

Evolving World 120+ If you can get really good cores and maybe even a party, the experience is unrivalled - Highly Recommended

Quest Guide

Coming Soon~


First Job

In Both Darkness and Light

Max HP +50 Max MP +50

Second Job:

Conquerer of Darkness

Max HP +100 Max MP +100

Third Job:

Master of Darkness

+1 All stat +150 HP/MP

Fourth Job

Guardian of Equilibrium

+2 All Stat +200 MAX HP/MP

Frequently Asked Questions (With Answers)

How Do I Choose The Light Or Dark Path?

In GMS, you do not choose a path. You control both powers.

If I'm in light mode, how come I can use dark skills?

Luminous is designed so that you can utilize both skills. If you are in light mode and you use light skills, you gain a damage increase. You can still use dark skills, but you will not gain an advantage.

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