Luminous (Hyper)

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This is the Hyper Skill moveset for Luminous.

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Luminous (II)
Luminous (III)
Luminous (IV)
(Hyper Skills)


Passive Stat Boost

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level
Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength Permanently increases STR. Passive 1 140
Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity Permanently increases DEX. Passive 1 140
Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence Permanently increases INT. Passive 1 140
Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck Permanently increases LUK. Passive 1 140
Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical Permanently increases Critical Rate. Passive 1 198
Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy Permanently increases Accuracy. Passive 1 158
Hyper Health.png Hyper Health Permanently increases Max HP. Passive 1 192
Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana Permanently increases Max MP. Passive 1 186
Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury Permanently increases Max DF. Passive 1 180
Hyper Weapon Defense.png Hyper Weapon Defense Permanently increases Weapon DEF. Passive 1 165
Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense Permanently increases Magic DEF. Passive 1 174
Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed Permanently increases Movement Speed. Passive 1 152
Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump Permanently increases Jump. Passive 1 146

Passive Skill Boost

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level and Skill
Reflection - Spread.png Reflection - Spread When Reflection spreads, damage no longer gets reduced. Passive 1 162
Reflection - Reinforce.png Reflection - Reinforce Increases Reflection's damage. Passive 1 143
Reflection - Range Up.png Reflection - Range Up Increases Reflection's range. Passive 1 183
Apocalypse - Recharge.png Apocalypse - Recharge Increase the gauge increase amount from Apocalypse. Passive 1 168
Apocalypse - Reinforce.png Apocalypse - Reinforce Increases Apocalypse's damage. Passive 1 149
Apocalypse - Extra Target.png Apocalypse - Extra Target Increases the number of monsters that Apocalypse hits. Passive 1 189
Ender - Reinforce.png Ender - Reinforce Increases Ender's damage. Passive 1 155
Ender - Range Up.png Ender - Range Up Increases Ender's range. Passive 1 195
Ender - Extra Target.png Ender - Extra Target Increases the number of monsters that Ender hits. Passive 1 177

Active Attack/Buff

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Required Level and Skill
Equalize.png Equalize Puts you in Equilibrium mode immediately upon use. Supportive 1 150
Armageddon.png Armageddon Uses the Black Mage's power to render all enemies immobile and deal damage. Active 1 170
Heroic Memories4.png Heroic Memories Recalls the oath of the Maple Heroes to increase damage and max damage cap. Supportive 1 200