List of NPCs (Henesys)

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Henesys (Town)

Picture Name Location
Ace of Hearts.png Ace of Hearts Henesys
Abdula.png Abdula Henesys (Global only)
No image Andy Henesys (Global only)
No image Barry Henesys
Say 11.png Bruce Henesys (Global only)
Camilla.png Camilla Henesys
Cassandra2.png Cassandra Henesys
Cezare.png Cesear Henesys (replaced by Mirror of Dimension in MapleSEA)
Lucas.gif Chief Stan Henesys
Coco.png Coco Henesys
Cody.gif Cody Henesys (replaced by Gaga)
Duey.png Duey Henesys
Gaga.png Gaga Henesys
No image Grandma Benson Henesys
Jay.png Jay Henesys
Mad Bunny.png Mad Bunny Henesys (Easter Event, GlobalMS only)
Maple Administrator.png Maple Administrator Henesys
No image Mia Henesys
No image Mr. Moneybags Henesys
Mrs. Ming Ming.png Mrs. Ming Ming Henesys
MuLungDojoBulletinBoard.png Mu Lung Dojo
Bulletin Board
Henesys (replaced by Mirror of Dimension in MapleSEA)
No image Nana (H) Henesys
Regular Cab.png Regular Cab Henesys
Rina.png Rina Henesys
Roca.png Roca Henesys
Spinel.png Spinel Henesys
Thomas Swift.png Thomas Swift Henesys (Global MS only)
No image Tian Jiang Henesys (event)
Doofus.png Doofus Henesys Market
Henesys Pet-Walking Road
Gachapon.png Gachapon Henesys Market
Vicious.gif Vicious Henesys Market
Cloy.png Cloy Henesys Park
Aramia.png Aramia Henesys Park
Dalair.PNG Dalair Henesys Park
No image Donation Box Henesys Park
Hera.png Hera Henesys Park
Lee.gif Mr. Lee Henesys Park
Pia.png Pia Henesys Park
Tory.png Tory Henesys Park
Brittany the Assistant.gif Brittany the
Henesys Hair Salon
Natalie.png Natalie Henesys Hair Salon
Denma the Owner.png Denma the Owner Henesys Plastic Surgery
No image Dr. Feeble Henesys Plastic Surgery
No image Dr. Lenu Henesys Plastic Surgery
Luna.png Luna Henesys Potion Shop
Ms. Tan.png Ms. Tan Henesys Skin-Care
Sam.png Sam Henesys Weapon Store
Karl2.png Karl Henesys Weapon Store
Casey.gif Casey Henesys Game Zone
Weaver the Trainer.gif Trainer Bartos Henesys Pet-Walking Road
Neru the Trainer.png Trainer Frod Henesys Pet-Walking Road
Athena Pierce.png Athena Pierce Henesys Park

Henesys (Outside Town)

Picture Name Location
Anne.gif Anne The Hill East
of Henesys
No image Power B. Fore The Hill East
of Henesys
1040000.jpg Luke Henesys Dungeon Entrance