List of Monsters (Neo Tokyo)

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Here is the list of monsters found in Neo Tokyo, including the pictures, levels and descriptions.

Non-boss Monsters

Picture Name Descriptions
Prototype Lord.png Protoroad
Level: 115
HP: 190,000
EXP: 10,300
"Protoroad is the weakest monster in Neo Tokyo.
However, it is as merciless as the other Level 100+
monsters, so watch out for its attack. Its official
Japanese name is プロトタイプ藩主."
Afterlord.png Afterroad
Level: 135
HP: 260,000
EXP: 10,200
"Afterlord (unofficial name) (アフターロード) is
found in the Odaiba Year 2100 that shaped like
a tank."
Overload.png Overload
Level: 137
HP: 150,000
EXP: 6,560
"Overload (the unofficial name is 'Overlord') is a
flying robot found in the Odaiba area Year 2100 of
Neo Tokyo, Sub-urban area (park), Akihabara Year
2012. It is fatal for lower levelled maplers. This robot
is auto-agressive, which means it will attack players
automatically without being attacked."
Maverick A.png Maverick A
Level: 141
HP: 270,000
EXP: 10,300
"Maverick A is the weakest of the mavericks, found
in the skies of Neo Tokyo in Year 2012."
Maverick Y.png Maverick Y
Level: 143
HP: 270,000
EXP: 10,400
"Maverick Y is a modified version of Maverick A."
Maverick Y.png Maverick B
Level: 143
HP: 820,000
EXP: 10,500
"Maverick B is a modified version of Maverick Y.
They generally looked similar to Maverick Y."
Maverick V.png Maverick V
Level: 143
HP: 200,000
EXP: 9,400
"Maverick V is a modified version of Maverick Y.
This monster can fly, unlike the previous Mavericks.
It is also the weakest monster among the Mavericks,
due to its low health.
Eruwater.png Eruwater
Level: 143
HP: 280,000
EXP: 11,000
"Eruwater is a female robot, or a cyborg in Neo Tokyo.
It is the most powerful non-boss monsters in all versions."

Boss Monsters

Picture Name Descriptions
Nameless Magic Monster.png Nameless Magic

Level: 131
HP: 30,000
EXP: 26,850
"Nameless Magic Monster is a boss in Neo Tokyo with
high avoidability.
Imperial Guard.png Imperial Guard
Level: 143
HP: 9,430,000
EXP: 14,375
"A robot."
Auf Haven 1.png Auf Haven 1
Level: 150
HP: 10,000,000
EXP: 250,000
"The first form of Auf Haven boss. She is resistant
to fire and poison, but weak against holy attacks.
It will change into the second form, Auf Haven 2."
Royal Guard.png Royal Guard
Level: 160
HP: 200,000,000
EXP: 19,375,000
"A robot in the Blaze Break Party Quest."
Vergamot.png Vergamot 1
Level: 168
HP: 145,000,000
EXP: 3,100,000
"A boss robot in the whole of Neo Tokyo, needed to
enter a special map to battle it. It is not
aggressive unless it is attacked. It fires out lasers
from its turret and deadly attack from its machine gun."
Vergamot2.png Vergamot 2
Level: 168
HP: 85,000,000
EXP: 4,200,000
"After fighting its first form, its turret will fall
off but still have the ability to fight.
After fighting the second form, it will change into the
final form, Vergamot 3
Vergamot3.png Vergamot 3
Level: 168
HP: 70,000,000
EXP: 5,300,000
"The last form of Vergamot. This form is much stronger
than the previous forms, although both its turret and
machine gun have fallen off."
Nibergen 1.png Nibergen 1
Level: 168
HP: 95,000,000
EXP: 3,100,000
"A hovering spacecraft."
Nibergen 2.png Nibergen 2
Level: 168
HP: 95,000,000
EXP: 4,200,000
"A hovering spacecraft."
Nibergen 3.png Nibergen 3
Level: 168
HP: 82,000,000
EXP: 5,300,000
"A hovering spacecraft."
Dunas.png Dunas
Level: 174
HP: 230,000,000
EXP: 1,110,000
"An ancient protector of Zipangu."
Auf Haven 1.png Auf Haven 2
Level: 175
HP: 180,000,000
EXP: 1,875,000
"The second form of Auf Haven. It looked exactly the
same as the first form. It is weak against ice and
poison attacks. It will change into Auf Haven 3 after
defeating its second form.
Dunas.png Dunas 2
Level: 176
HP: 250,000,000
EXP: 1,500,000
"An ancient protector of Zipangu."
Core Blaze.png Core Blaze
Level: 178
HP: 300,000,000
EXP: 22,500,000
"A boss which is weak against lightning and fire attacks.
It is a core that controlled the robots in Neo Tokyo."
Auf Haven 2.png Auf Haven 3
Level: 180
HP: 430,000,000
EXP: 12,875,000
"The final form of Auf Haven. It is merciless, and its attack
is as high as 20,000. It is weak against ice
and poison, though."