List of Monsters (Malaysia)

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Here is the list of monsters found in Malaysia, including the pictures, levels and descriptions.

Non-boss Monsters

Picture Name Descriptions
Chlorotrap.png Chlorotrap
Level: 45
HP: 2,600
EXP: 132
A black slimy monster with a coconut tree on its head.
Emo slime.png Emo Slime
Level: 47
HP: 2,850
EXP: 135
A emotional black slimy monster holding a Rebab.
Dark fission.png Dark Fission
Level: 52
HP: 3,700
EXP: 172
A black slimy monster with a blonde wig.
9420530.png Oly Oly
Level: 56
EXP: 185
A black slimy monster pushing a stolen tyre.
Scaredy scarlion.png Scaredy Scarlion
Level: 59
HP: 5,800
EXP: 220
A cowardly living mascot doll.
Ratatula.png Ratatula
Level: 59
HP: 6,200
EXP: 210
A smartly-dressed living mascot doll.
Rodeo.png Rodeo
Level: 61
HP: 6,000
EXP: 235
A black slimy monster that looks like a local dog.
Charmer.png Charmer
Level: 65
HP: 9,800
EXP: 255
A black slimy monster that knows the art of snake charming.
Jester scarlion.png Jester Scarlion
Level: 68
HP: 12,000
EXP: 270
A living mascot doll balancing on a barrel.
Froscola.png Froscola
Level: 72
HP: 15,200
EXP: 300
A living mascot doll, using its cola drink as a weapon.
Yabber doo.png Yabber Doo
Level: 75
HP: 15,800
EXP: 352
A pink bus occupied by two slimy monsters.
Booper scarlion.png Booper Scarlion
Level: 82
HP: 28,000
EXP: 1,250
A living mascot doll riding a plane.
Vikerola.png Vikerola
Level: 87
HP: 36,000
EXP: 2,000
A living mascot doll riding a boat.
Gallopera.png Gallopera
Level: 94
HP: 43,000
EXP: 2500
A living mascot doll riding a carousel horse.
Picture Name Descriptions
Scarlion Boss.png Scarlion Boss
Level: 80-140
HP: ?
EXP: ?
A boss of Scarlion, have four forms.
Targa.png Targa
Level: 80-140
HP: ?
EXP: ?
A boss of Ratatula, have four forms.