List of Monsters (Levels 61-70)

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Monster Levels
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Normal Monsters

Picture Name Descriptions
IceDrake.PNG Ice Drake
Level: 64
HP: 7,700
EXP: 250
An ice drake found deep in the dungeon.
Dark Pepe.PNG Dark Pepe
Level: 64
HP: 7,800
EXP: 250
It's a mutant version of Pepe.
Charmer.png Charmer
Level: 65
HP: 9,800
EXP: 255
A black slime using it's flute to attack.
Black Knight.gif Black Knight
Level: 66
HP: 40,000
EXP: 1,060
"Spawns when a mistake is made at one stage of the Guild Quest and as Ergoth's backups.
Dark Jr Yeti Transformed.PNG Dark Jr. Yeti (Transformed)
Level: 68
HP: 13,000
EXP: 445
Transformed Jr. Yeti.
Dark Drake.gif Dark Drake
Level: 68
HP: 13,000
EXP: 265
A dark drake found deep in the dungeon.
Banne2dStory image.png Cuzco
Level: 69
HP: 60,0000
EXP: 240
A minion summoned by Zakum.
Captain.gif Captain
Level: 70
HP: 15,000
EXP: 282
A crew found in Herb Town.

Boss Monsters

Picture Name Descriptions Location
Angrylordpirate.gif Angry Lord Pirate
Level: 63
HP: 480,000
EXP: 8,800
"The boss of the Herb Town Party Quest.
Bgoblin.png Blue
King Goblin

Level: 70
HP: 25,000
EXP: 400
A goblin summoned in Korean Folk Town using Rice Wine.