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The level of your character shows how powerful it is, and sometimes even increases its reputation. Also, it determines what armor, weapons, or accesories you can use for your character. Some abilities or options to choose classes can be gained at certain levels for both characters and pets.

Level Requirements for Certain Actions (Characters)

Levels 1-10

Levels 11-20

  • Level 15: Award or Take away Fame to or from another character.
  • Level 20: Evans get their 2nd mastery
  • Level 20: Opportunity to participate in Ariant Party Quest

Levels 21-30

Levels 31-70

Levels 71-200

  • Level 71: Opportunity to join the Magatia Party Quest (Magatia) begins.
  • Level 71: Opportunity to Join Orbis Party Quest PQ and Ludibrium Maze Party Quest ends
  • Level 80: Evans get their 7th mastery
  • Level 85: Opportunity to join the Magatia Party Quest (Magatia) ends.
  • Level 100: Opportunity to join the Pirate Party Quest (Mu Lung) ends
  • Level 100: Evans get their 8th mastery
  • Level 120: Fourth Job Advancement
  • Level 120: Evans get their 9th mastery
  • Level 120: Second Mount becomes available. Knights of Cygnus are able to get their final mount.
  • Level 160: Evans get their 10th mastery
  • Level 200: Final Mount becomes available.
  • Level 200: Unable to level anymore. Congrats on getting to this level!

Level Requirements for Certain Actions (Pets)

Please notice this is not your own level, but your pet's


Levels 1-9

  • Level 1: sit, up/stand/rise, pee/poop, iloveyou/ihateyou, no/bad/badboy/badgirl, stupid/dummy, goodboy/goodgirl

Levels 10+

  • Level 10: talk, down, charisma/thelook
  • Level 15: Your pet can say whatever you type in by putting in "/pet"