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Bluedot.gif - Leafre Ticketing Booth
Reddot.gif - Leafre : East Forest
Yellowdot.gif - West Leafre Forest
Whitedot.gif - Shops and Free Market

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How to get there

Leafre is accessible from Orbis station. It is also accessible via a portal in Field Up North of Ellinia.



Leafre is the location which the 4th Job Advancement is available. The tribe of beings living in Leafre are known as Haflings in GMS. They seem to be in tune to the nature of the land, and care deeply for the dragon eggs found in their region. Similar to the fairy's in Ellinia, they tend to shy away from humans, but will welcome them when they see them.

The monsters in this area are high leveled. It is recommended for maplers level 70 and above, depending on your job type. Mages should come here at level 90+.

Monsters found:


  • To find the Leafre quests, click on the bottom link that says "LEAFRE QUESTS" to access a page of quests for Leafre Region.

Party Quest(Lv 120+)

This party quest requires a long quest to Accomplish. If you try entering the PQ area a elder Lizardman will subtract 500 HP, and send you two maps back. You have to receive a quest from a NPC.You have to collect 3 items from Lizardmen. After completing the Quest you recive Lizardman Gel. Using the Lizardman Gel will transform you into a Lizardman and let you pass the Elder Lizard. The party quest can be performed by many party's similar to the Zakum Party quest. There is also a Main party leader who is a leader for all the Party's formed inside. Also everyone must be in a party of 6 people. The time limit is 12 hours. The boss is Horntail.

Bosses found in Region

  • Horntail is the the boss found here by doing the Leafre PQ.
  • Manon in his own neck of the woods.
  • Leviathan likes the trees here.
  • Griffey is near too
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