Lady Syl

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Lady Syl
Lady Syl.png
Species Human
Service Job Instructor
Continent Victoria Island
Town Kerning City
Area Lady Syl's Room


Lady Sylvia, better known as Lady Syl, is the daughter of the former Dark Lord and leader of the Dual Blades. Although she and the current Dark Lord, Jin, were once lovers, she turned against him after her father's death, believing he was murdered by Jin. Syl recruited many other "rogue" Thieves, the Dual Blades, and vowed to one day kill the one who had destroyed her father.

When the player advances to the Blade Acolyte Class, she learns that her father had been possessed by the evil Balrog and that Jin was merely trying to drive it out. She refuses to believe it, but it forces her to reconsider her plans to assassinate the current Dark Lord. When the player advances to the Blade Specialist Class, Syl decides to forge a temporary alliance with her former enemy.

Quests Given