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For the MapleGlobal world with the same name, see Kradia.

Kradia was the first world made available in the MapleEurope version of MapleStory. As a result, it has a great economy and a large population. Even during off peak hours, Kradia has many users online, most of which like to hang out on channels 1 and 2.

Kradia is considered to be home of the most experienced and seasoned MapleEurope veterans, beginners are advised to start here. Be warned, however, that with such a large population of aged members comes a proportionally large community of scammers and hackers.

There are different channels for different languages, which are English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and the all-round Europe channels for all European languages, including the previous mentioned. Channel Europe 1 is usually crowded during the peak hours. Then Channels Europe 2 & 3 and English 1, 2 & 3, which are generally moderately populated. Party quests are usually difficult to do in these channels. Channels Deutsch 1 & 2, Español 1 & 2, Nederlands 1 & 2, and Français 1 & 2 are usually very low populated, making it easier to do Party Quests here. Only problem is that these channels are only available to their native language speakers, which exclude the English speaking players unless the player changes the current language of their game. Scams is not as common as in the MapleGlobal servers but it still takes place in some areas (mainly around Henesys in Europe 1, 2 & 3 and English 1, 2 & 3). While kill stealing is very popular in some areas (and many players avoid crowded channels because of this) the community is generally nicer then many of those in MapleGlobal servers making it easier to make friends.


Channel Europe 1 always has the heaviest population; it is mainly used to recruit members for Party Quests. Many do all their trading and chatting here as well.

Top 5 Players in Kradia

Each world has a five ranking. The top five players for Kradia are:

Rank Name Class Level EXP Photos
1 ItzmjauZ Thief 200 0 ItzmjauZ.gif
2 lTzDaniel Thief 200 0 LTzDaniel.gif
3 Odyssey Thief 200 0 Odyssey.gif
4 Object Magician 200 0 Object.gif
5 Pewe Warrior 200 0 Pewe.gif