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King Slime is giant slime that shows up in the deep forest at the last stage of the Kerning City Party Quest. A jumping attack using its massive body is earth-shaking and impressive in its damage it occurs. If damaged to half of its HP, it summons other Slimes, and even after it dies, it breaks off into many Slimes, so there's no room for a breather. It is the fourth-weakest boss in the game.

Note: The King Slimes that appear anywhere except for the Kerning City PQ Boss are actually fake, with much less attack and HP. They also don't summon slimes and don't explode into them upon death.

During TaiwanMS's Christmas event, a Christmas king slime randomly appeared in Formosa.






  • Boss
  • If you are lower than a level 23 Warrior, then you have little or no chance of damaging King Slime, unless you bring along Sniper Potions. However most, if not all warriors cannot do their usual damage on King Slime.
  • Try to stand back and kill him, so you won't incur touch damage.
  • Rarely does he ever get knocked back.
  • At level 29 or so, magicians still take about 200 damage. But with a decent level of Magic Guard and a good stock of potions, Magicians should have no problems.
  • It is thought that not killing the slimes that the king slime breaks into on the Kerning party quest gives you better rewards. (This is probably not true).
  • If it uses its jump attack, try to jump, so you will not takes the shockwave damage. This method is equally useful for bosses or monsters with similar attacks (attacks that have a cooldown time, a jump or blast, then a pause, then a jump or blast), such as Rombot, Mushmom, Zombie Mushmom, Yeti, and so on.
  • Fake versions of this boss appeared during an event, they have dropped various cakes.
  • It drops the rare Squishy Shoes.

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