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Kill-Stealing (or KSing) is the act of killing off a monster being fought by another player without that other player's consent. This usually occurs when two or more non-partied players are battling monsters on the same map, and when a higher leveled character kills off most of the monsters the other players are training on, thus decreasing the experience that the other players from would receive and obtaining that experience. KSing is against the rules of the game; it classifies as "harassment."

How to Prevent Kill-Stealing

Kill-Stealing can be prevented by many options:

  • Reporting the KSer. Threatening this usually is sufficient to make them stop. If they don't, make an official report while capturing a screenshot to send to the Local GM through MapleGlobal Website
  • Changing Channels. Usually, this is a running tactic, but can work in less crowded maps with the same spawn time.
  • Move to another map. This is great for maps like Henesys Hunting Grounds, which are always packed with at least 20 users per channel. Moving up to HHG2 or 3 can usually shake off most KSers.

DO NOT flame, taunt, or defame the user. You will probably be reported by the other person or group for harassment.

Item Ownership Issues

Most KSers only attack once on each monster, waiting for it to die so that they get the EXP. This also means that they can quickly nab items in the 10-second round when only players that helped defeat the monster can access items. This is especially frustrating when attacking Orange Mushrooms or Slimes for hot items like Halloween Candies, Orange Mushroom Caps, and Slime Bubbles. Avoid maps where KSers are known to hang out, or join a guild that will help you.

Maps prone to KSing

Jobs vulnerable to kill stealing

from to least to the most job type: AOE based job like :f/p and flame wizards Cleric and Ice lightning , assasin and bandits. bowman , worriors , pirates , ( as they have unstable damage )