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Description and Map

Reddot.gif - Sunset Sky
Bluedot.gif - Kerning City Construction Site
Yellowdot.gif - The Swamp of Despair I
Greendot.gif - Kerning City Subway Station

Premium Road: Another Sanctuary via Mong from Kong if you're logging in from an Internet Cafe.


Kerning City's Location

Kerning City is located in the western region of Victoria Island, south-west of Perion, north of Lith Harbor and north-west of Henesys.

Internet Cafe Information

  • This is a specialized area only available on certain maple versions that allows you to go to Premium Road. In order to access the Internet Cafe, you must talk to Mong from Kong and have the following pre-requisites:
    • 1. You must be playing a Maple Story version that has this on it.
    • 2. You must be playing at a internet-cafe.

Bosses found in Region

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