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Jump determines the maximum vertical distance that a character can travel. The maximum jump a character can have is 123%.

Ways to increase Jump


  • Self Haste increase Jump by 23% temporarily when maxed.
  • Haste increases Jump by 20% temporarily when maxed.
  • Dash increases Jump by 10% temporarily when maxed.



  • A use item from the Maple Story 3rd Anniversary (Chocolate Cupcake?) increases Jump by 30%. However, jump is capped at 123%, therefore a player will only receive 23% more jump.
  • Mushroom Sweet increases Jump by 3% for 3 minutes.


  • The mounts Watch Hog (Level 70) and Silver Mane (Level 120) give a player 20% more jump alone.
  • The Red Draco (Level 200) adds 20% jump.
    • Some believe the mounts can breach the 123% Jump Cap through enhancements. This has not been confirmed.