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Izar is the new and the ninth world in MapleSEA, found under the Singapore Gateway, released on 18 November 2009. The icon of Izar is a sheep. It was merged with Delphinus and Eridanus world on 12th October 2011.

Izar Icon.png


  • It was merged with Delphinus on MSEA Ver 1.08.
  • It was merged with Eridanus on MSEA Ver 1.08.

Izar-Exclusive Items

There are three exclusive items in Izar for those who started their character here for the first few days after its release, which is the Izar Bandanna.

  • Splash Bandanna Splash Bandanna 1.png
    • Level 10, STR +1, DEX +1, INT +1, LUK +1, Weapon DEF 15
  • Super Izar Bandanna Super Izar Bandanna.png
    • Level 30, STR +3, DEX +3, INT +3, LUK +3, Weapon DEF 40, Speed +5
  • Splash Bandanna Splash Bandanna 2.png
    • Level 50, STR +4, DEX +4, INT +4, LUK +4, Weapon DEF 60, Speed +10, Jump +5

These items can be obtained by the NPC Joyce if you reach the required level.

Items and pictures are extracted from MapleSEA official website.


  • After its release, there is a 24 Hours 2x EXP event from 18 November 2009 to 9 December 2009.
  • Izar Bandanna from 18 November 2009 to 9 December 2009.
  • Maple Item Drops (Level 35, 43) from 18 November 2009 to 9 December 2009.
  • Maple Leaf drops and can be exchangeable from NPC Gaga for Level 64 Maple Weapon.
  • See more events here.


  • It is known that the name of the world cannot be used on naming a character. However, the newly released ninth world is called 'Izar', not 'Indus'. 'Indus' is a constellation and it also cannot be used to name a character, and it is thought to be the name of the ninth world before its release. It is weird that Izar got its name because all worlds are normally name after constellations, but Izar is name after a star.


  • Question: What is your reason for doing this world merge?
    • Answer: This is to balance the population and enhance the gameplay for the players in both Delphinus/Eridanus and Izar world.
  • Question: What will happen to my character?
    • Answer: Characters are retained. The current world selection page will still show Delphinus, Eridanus and Izar in the world selection page. If you choose Delphinus, only your existing Delphinus world characters will be displayed. This applies vice versa for Eridanus and Izar world.
  • Question: What will happen to my items?
    • Answer: Please rest assured that items will not be removed.
  • Question: Are my Cash items transferable after the world merge?
    • Answer: No, Cash items can only be shared between characters in the same world under the same Maple account.
  • Question: Will there be any changes in the guild system?
    • Answer: No, but if the guilds share the same names in both worlds, they will be re-named and given a temporary name. For example, if guild “MSEA” is found in both Delphinus/Eridanus and Izar worlds, it will be renamed to MSEA_D and MSEA_I.
  • Question: If my guild name in Delphinus/Eridanus shares the same guild name in Izar, how can I re-name it?
    • Answer: Please advise the guild leader to send an iBox under General Enquiry and insert the term “Changing of guild name (DEI World Merge)” to facilitate our tracking. In the iBox, do include the following information:
  1. Guild name
  2. Guild leader IGN
  3. New Guild name

Please note that the name change request can only be performed once and it cannot be revised or change once the process is completed. The guild names will be changed during the weekly regular server checks or when applicable.

  • Question: What will happen to my rank position?
    • Answer: The ranking lists for both worlds will be merged into one. Currently, the ranking system is still undergoing a revamp to introduce the new ranking list for Delphinus/Eridanus and Izar.