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Horntail Full.png


The first dragon that's ever stood up against the dragon chief, Nine Spirit, who was the former ruler over Minar Forest. Horntail assembled an army of evil dragons to create an evil force that instigated the historically-known Dragon War. Horntail seemed to be the more powerful one at the beginning, but Nine Spirit's longstanding experience and wisdom as a leader seemed to overpower Horntail's inexperience. In the end, Horntail broke the Pact between the dragons and Halflings and attacked the Halflings' village, stealing the egg of Nine Spirit which they were protecting. This was a crime that no dragon known as the guardian of order should have committed. Ultimately, Horntail overthrew the reign of Nine Spirit, and the forest was conquered by the demonic servants of Horntail. Since then, no traces of true, honorable dragons could be found in the forest. Horntail, who has three heads and, subsequently, three different minds, is currently hiding in a cave to heal his wounds, and plotting to rule the regions even past Leafre using the egg of Nine Spirit.


Horntail is one of the strongest boss monsters in Maplestory and is the final boss of the Riprey Party Quest

The Full Body



Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
Horntail.gif Chaos Horntail Necklace Sparta.gif Sparta (One Handed) White Nisrock.gif White Nisrock Dimon.png Dimon Wand Gold Double Knife.gif Gold Double Knife Pirate Concerto.gif Concerto
Thawk.gif Tomahawk Golden Nisrock.gif Golden Nisrock Bluemarine.png Blue Marine Blooddagger.gif Blood Dagger KingCent.png King Cent
BHammer.gif Battle Hammer Dark Nisrock.gif Dark Nisrock Wand019.gif Dragon Wand Redcraven1.gif Red Craven Pirate Dragon Saint.gif Dragonfire Revolver
Gold Double Knife.gif Gold Double Knife White Neschere.gif White Neschere Dragonstaff.png Dragon Staff Dragonkanzir.gif Dragon Kanzir DragonSlashClaw.png Dragon Slash Claw
The Beheader.gif The Beheader Golden Neschere.gif Golden Neschere Dragonkreda.gif Dragon Kreda
Tav.gif Tavar Dark Neschere.gif Dark Neschere Dragon Green Sieve.png Dragon Green Sleve
Goldensmham.gif Golden Smith Hammer Dragonshinerbow.gif Dragon Shiner Bow Dragonpurplesleve.gif Dragon Purple Sleve
Pinaka.png Pinaka Dragon shiner Cross.gif Dragon Shiner Cross
Zedbug.gif Zedbug
Dragon carabella.gif Dragon Carabella
Dragonaxe.gif Dragon Axe
DragonM.gif Dragon Mace
DragonBAxe.gif Dragon Battle Axe
Dragonflame.gif Dragon Flame
Dragonclaymore.png Dragon Claymore
Dragonpertizan.gif Dragon Faltizan
Dragon Chelbird.gif Dragon Chelbird


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
UP5.gif Mana Elixir Dragon stone.gif Dragon Stone Recipe2.gif Adamantium Heart Recipe 10000+ mesos
Powerelix.gif Power Elixir Nine Spirit's Egg.gif Nine Spirit's Egg Recipe1.gif Advanced Blessing Potion Recipe
Elixir.gif Elixir Recipe1.gif Advanced Dexterity Boost Potion Recipe
Sunset Dew.gif Sunset Dew Recipe1.gif Dragon Faltizan Recipe
Reindeer Milk.gif Reindeer Milk Recipe1.gif Advanced Health Boost Potion Recipe
Secret Mastery Book.gif Mystery Mastery Book Recipe1.gif Advanced Hero Potion Recipe
EE Scroll.gif Equip Enhancement Scroll Recipe1.gif Advanced Intelligence Boost Potion Recipe
EE Scroll.gif Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll Recipe1.gif Advanced Intelligence Luck Potion Recipe
Potential Scroll.gif Potential Scroll Recipe1.gif Advanced Mana Boost Potion Recipe
Potential Scroll.gif Advanced Potential Scroll Recipe1.gif Advanced Strength Boost Potion Recipe
Clean slate.gif Clean Slate Scroll 1% Recipe3.gif All Mighty Ring Recipe
Chaos Scroll 60%.png Chaos Scroll 60% Recipe2.gif Black Garina Hood Recipe
Recipe2.gif Black Garina Gloves Recipe
Recipe2.gif Black Garina Recipe
Recipe2.gif Black Garina Shoes Recipe
Recipe1.gif Blessing Potion Recipe
Recipe2.gif Blue Czar Recipe
Recipe2.gif Blue Dragon Armor Recipe
Recipe2.gif Blue Dragon Boots Recipe
Recipe2.gif Blue Dragon Gauntlet Recipe
Recipe2.gif Blue Dragon Helmet Recipe
Recipe2.gif Blue Dragon Shield Recipe
Recipe2.gif Blue Elemental Gloves Recipe
Recipe2.gif Blue Elemental Shoes Recipe
Recipe2.gif Canopus Boots Recipe
Recipe2.gif Canopus Gloves Recipe
Recipe2.gif Canopus Hat Recipe
Recipe2.gif Canopus Suit Recipe
Recipe2.gif Crystal Heart Recipe
Recipe3.gif Dark Angelic Blessing Recipe
Recipe2.gif Deluxe Android (F) Recipe
Recipe2.gif Deluxe Android (M) Recipe
Recipe1.gif Dexterity Boost Potion Recipe
Recipe3.gif Dexterity Ring V Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Axe Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Battle Axe Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Carabella Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Chelbird Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Claymore Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Flame Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Green Sleve Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Kanzir Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Kreda Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Mace Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Purple Sleve Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Shiner Bow Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Shiner Cross Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Slash Claw Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Staff Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragon Wand Recipe
Recipe2.gif Dragonfire Revolver Recipe
Recipe2.gif Garnet Heart Recipe
Recipe2.gif Gold Dragon Crown Recipe
Recipe2.gif Gold Heart Recipe
Recipe1.gif Health Boost Potion Recipe
Recipe1.gif Hero Potion Recipe
Recipe3.gif Hyper Ring I Recipe
Recipe1.gif Intelligence Boost Potion Recipe
Recipe3.gif Intelligence Ring V Recipe
Recipe1.gif Luck Boost Potion Recipe
Recipe1.gif Luck Potion VIII Recipe
Recipe3.gif Luck Ring V Recipe
Recipe2.gif Lucky Blue Gilded Belt Recipe
Recipe1.gif Mana Boost Potion Recipe
Recipe2.gif Moonshadow Katara Recipe
Recipe3.gif Nimble Ring IV Recipe
Recipe2.gif Pure Gold Engine Leg Recipe
Recipe3.gif Red Bear Pendant Recipe
Recipe2.gif Red Hunter Recipe
Recipe2.gif Red Hunter Shoes Recipe
Recipe2.gif Red Mantle Recipe
Recipe3.gif Red Owl Pendant Recipe
Recipe3.gif Red Peacock Pendant Recipe
Recipe3.gif Red Wolf Pendant Recipe
Recipe2.gif Sharp Arrow for Bow Recipe
Recipe2.gif Sharp Arrow for Crossbow Recipe
Recipe3.gif Sharp Blue Gilded Belt Recipe
Recipe3.gif Shiny Gray Archer Symbol Recipe
Recipe3.gif Shiny Gray Magician Symbol Recipe
Recipe3.gif Shiny Gray Pirate Symbol Recipe
Recipe3.gif Shiny Gray Thief Symbol Recipe
Recipe3.gif Shiny Gray Warrior Symbol Recipe
Recipe3.gif Shiny Red Special Symbol Recipe
Recipe1.gif Strength Boost Potion Recipe
Recipe3.gif Strength Ring V Recipe
Recipe3.gif Tenacious Blue Gilded Belt Recipe
Recipe3.gif Wise Blue Gilded Belt Recipe


Armor Weapon Accessory
60%.gif Scroll for Earring for DEX 60% Tablet2.png Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for Accuracy
Tablet2.png Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for ATT
Tablet2.png Tablet for One-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack
Tablet3.png Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for Accuracy
Tablet3.png Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for ATT
Tablet3.png Tablet for Two-Handed Weapon for Magic Attack


  • Only a handfull of people have managed to kill this monster. When a party does manage to kill it, a message is sent to all players in the current world saying, "To the crew that have finally conquered Horned Tail after numerous attempts. I salute thee! You are the true heroes of Leafre!!"



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