Holiday Party Quest

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A holiday special event that is only open during the X-mas season. It is a pq quest that is very similiar to the Henesys Party Quest. In order to enter it, you need 1 Force of the Winter by doing the quest, A Secret Note.

After asking Snow Spirit for entrance, you will enter a lobby:

Holiday Party Quest A.PNG

Talk to the Snow Spirit again to go to the corresponding level area you are to fight monsters your level. The areas are as follows:

Holiday Party Quest Level Ranges.PNG

After selecting your level range, you will go to another room where you will be required to have a party of at least 3 people. When you do, you will enter the PQ.

After your leader talks to the Snow Spirit, monsters will start to attack the snowman located in the middle of the map. Here is a image of what to expect:

Protect The Snowman.PNG

After the snowman gets large enough, it will disappear, and your leader will have to talk to the Snow Spirit again. Then Scrooge appears. Although it looks like the grinch, it is supposedly scrooge. Here he is in all his greeness:


After you beat him, your leader should talk to Snow Spirit again and the word "CLEAR" will appear on the screen.


  • 2,500 EXP for Lv 10-30
  • 5,500 EXP for Lv 31-65
  • 15,000 EXP for Lv 66+
  • Your choice of one of the following gifts:

Rudolph Change Hat - This item will expire eventually.

    • 20 Mana Elixirs and 1
    • A special Seraphim Weapon. Note that the weapon you get will be random. It has an expiration date on the item, so it will expire eventually.