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Health Points, commonly abbreviated to "HP", determines how much damage a character can take before they die. When your HP reaches 0, you will die, and be sent to town with lesser Experience (Unless you are a Beginner).

HP has a maximum value of 99,999 and a minimum of 50. It can be raised manually by adding SP(Stat Points) directly to it, however it also increases passively every level you gain.

Recovering HP

HP can be recover by many ways such as using potion, sitting on chairs, using skills or just standing still. By default, you gained 10 HP when standing still per 10 seconds.


Example of common chairs:


Skills restore your HP by either restores it directly, drains it from monsters or absorb it as damage dealt to you by monsters.

Skills that restores HP directly

  • Recovery- recovers 72 HP over 30 sec. A beginner skill.
  • Heal - This skill recovers you and your party members HP. It also damages undeads. Clerics possess this skill.
  • Chakra - This skill recovers your HP when you have less than half of your MaxHP and uses MP. Chief Bandits possess this skill.
  • Aura of the Beholder - This buff allows the Beholder to continuously restore your HP. Dark Knights possess this skill.
  • Self Recovery - This skill restores HP(as well as MP) every 4 seconds. Crusader possess this skill.
  • HP Recovery - This skill restores HP by a set percentage of your max HP. There is a cooldown. White Knight possess this skill.
  • Holy Magic Shell - This skill fully restores all party member HP and absorb all damage dealt by a monster for a set amount. Priest possess this skill.
  • Infinity - This skill restores a set percentage of HP every 4 seconds as well as providing other buffs. All 4th job magician possess this skill.

Skills that drain HP from monsters

  • Drain - This skill allows you to steal enemy's HP and heals half of your MaxHP by using throwing stars. Assassins possess this skill.
  • Vampire - This skill attacks multiple monsters four times to absorb some of the damage and restore HP. Night Walkers possess this skill.
  • Revenge of the Beholder - This skill allows to drain some HP off the monsters the Beholder hits. Dark Knights possess this skill.


There are many one-use items that are used to restore HP. Most of these items, such as Red Potions, White Potions, Cakes, and Meat, are found in potion shops. A complete list can be found here. There is also a beginner skill that increase the efficiency of potion, known as Potion Mastery.

Increasing Max HP

Max HP can be increase permanently or temporary through equips, levelling, job advancement, skills or HP washing.

Skills that increase Max HP

  • HP Boost - Increase your amount of HP permanently. Explorer Warriors, Dawn Warriors, Brawlers and Thunder Breakers possess this skill.
  • Hyper Body - Increases your MaxHP and MaxMP temporary. Spearmen possesses this skill.
  • Advanced Blessing - Buff you and your party and also increase Max HP temporary. Bishops possess this skill.


There are many equips that provides HP such as Zakum Helmet. Equips can also be scrolled to add HP.

HP Washing

HP washing is a technique of increasing HP by using AP Reset to change MP into HP. Before levelling, an INT equip is worn to increase the MP gained. It is usually use by bowmans and thief to increase.

Levelling and Job Advancement

Different classes received different amount of HP when levelling. Warrior receives the most follow by bowman and thief while magician receive the least HP upon levelling. An exception is the Battle Mage which receives slightly more HP than a bowman or thief when levelling.