Haunted Mansion PQ Guide

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How To Do The Party Quest

  1. First, get into a party with four people of any level.
  2. Talk to Butler (MapleSEA) /Steward (MapleGlobal) to start the quest.
  3. He will take you to a hallway with four portals in it. They are all jump quests. Do all of them and kill the Loki Box at the top. Then try to go in the portal. If you can't then try again in another portal.
  4. At the 2nd stage there is a room filled with mirrors. Your objective is to find "Piece of Mirror". TO do that go the blue mirrors and keep on pressing up on each of them. Ghosts will come out a lot of itmes. If you get touched by them, you will be sent to the centre of the room. Eventually you will find the mirror and a message in blue on the bottom will say if you or someone has found it. (In MapleGlobal theres a glitch where in some channels the Mirror doesnt drop at all!)
  5. Final stage, you will receive 50 pouches from the Butler/Steward to catch as many ghosts as possible! This stage is very much like the Ariant Coliseum Party Quest, wher you try to capture the ghost with the pouches.

Helpful infomation

  • Open your inventory, under “USE”, place “Pouch” into your hotkey for convenient use.
  • All ghosts are immune to spells and skills, only normal whacks will injure the ghost.
  • To catch the ghost, be sure you’ve taken about ¾ of its life and then use the “Pouch” hotkey to capture.
  • The more you catch, the highest points you gain! Accumulate 30 points and you will receive a Masked Gentleman’s Hat.
  • For 10 ghost catches, you get one point, so if you want the hat you need to catch 300 ghosts. Also the hat expires after one week.