Haunted Mansion PQ

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How To Do The PQ

  1. First, get in a party with 4 people.
  2. Talk to the butler to start the quest.
  3. There will be a hallway with four portals in it. The first one(next to the butler)is basically a jump quest without the hazards. The second is another jump quest, however, this one has hazards. The next is basically many platforms, but only a couple of platforms are solid. The final one is the easiest. There is a long rope, and all you do is climb it. Whichever you choose, break the box at the top to advacne to the next stage.
  4. At the 2nd stage, find a Piece of Mirror.
  5. To find a piece of mirror, you will need to go to a mirror, press up, and avoid the ghost that comes out. Be careful, as if the ghost strikes you, you will be returned to the beginning. My tip is to take off all your armor, making you lighter, and to press up as you walk. Then at the right moment you duck, and if the mirror has a mirror shard, you will be able to go into the portal.
  6. Final stage, you will receive 50 pouches from the Butler to catch as many ghosts as possible! This stage is very much like the ariant pq, wher you try to capture the ghost with the pouches.


  • Open your inventory, under “USE”, place “Pouch” into your hotkey for convenient use.
  • All ghosts are immune to spells (meaning magic), only normal attacks will injure the ghost.
  • To catch the ghost, be sure you’ve taken out ¾ of its life and then use the “Pouch” hotkey to capture.
  • The more you catch, the more points you gain! Accumulate 30 points and you will receive a Masked Gentleman’s Hat.
  • As a bonus, you will receive random prizes upon exchanging all the ghosts you’ve caught with Butler.