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Gunslingers are a gun-carrying class of pirates that have a lot of accuracy and deal stable damage. They shoot different varieties of bullets and are able to shoot while jumping with good accuracy. Skills like Gun Mastery and Gun Booster help the Gunslinger to their own advantage, where it boosts their firing speed, damage and accuracy.

As a Gunslinger, your Double Shot is upgraded to fire another bullet. Your main attack, Rapid Blast will attack enemies with rapid and invisible speed. You can conserve your bullet stock with Infinity Blast while retaining the attack bonus of your projectile. Lastly, you gain a boost in mobility with the help of Recoil Shot and Wings, which will let you descend with ease.

Becoming a Gunslinger

Head back to Nautilus Port after you reach level 30. Go inside and talk to Kairin. She will teleport you to a place where a lot of Octopus spawn. You will have to collect 30 Dark Marbles to prove yourself using only Double Fire. Return to Kairin with your 30 Dark Marbles and she will advance you into a Gunslinger.

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Knights Of Cygnus
Thunder Breaker
First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Cannon Shooter
Cannon Trooper
Cannon Master


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Gun Mastery.png Gun Mastery Increases the weapon mastery, accuracy, and number of bullets for guns. Passive 10 x -
Rapid Blast.png Rapid Blast Triple blast enemies with super speed. Active 20 x -
Physical Training.png Physical Training Permanently improves STR and DEX through sheer physical training. Passive 5 x -
Triple Fire.png Triple Fire Shoot enemies with super speed. Active 20 x Lv. 20 Double Shot
Gun Booster.png Gun Booster Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a gun equipped. Supportive 10 x Lv. 5 Gun Mastery
Scurvy Summons.png Scurvy Summons Randomly summons a brave crewman from the Nautilus. The summoned crewman will move around freely and attack your enemies. Active 1 x -
Infinity Blast.png Infinity Blast Uses multiple bullets and lets you attack without using any ammo for a short time. Passive 5 x -
Float.png Wings Allows you to jump much higher than usual. Press and hold the jump key again while jumping to glide and descend slowly. Let go to fall at normal speed. Active 5 x -
Withdraw.png Recoil Shot Uses the recoil of the gun to retreat after firing. Active 20 x Lv. 5 Wings

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