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Gachapon, also known as がちゃぽん in japanese, is a lottery-like minigame that awards MapleStory players with random items in exchange for Gachapon Tickets, which are bought at the price of 1,000 NX Cash (in GMS). There are Gachapon machines stationed throughout various towns. The name Gachapon references actual Japanese gachapon machines, which dispense collectible toys and items inside of little capsules - the name gachapon alludes to the noise the machine makes when dispensing the capsule.

Gachapon Jackpot

In Global Maplestory, Gachapon will host a jackpot event from time to time, offering "super" variations of certain equipments. Gaining a Jackpot item is very rare and if you do get one, the chances of getting another Jackpot will be increased in your world. They are more stronger than the original item but they may come at a price, such as having only one to no slots.


While other servers continue to use Gachapon, Global Maplestory has retired the Gachapon machines during the Champions Update in order to release a new mechanism called the Great Gachapierrot. Gachapierrot combines the Gachapon with its counterparts excluding the Nebulite Gachapon and now drops more valuable goods and items than its' predecessor. All Gachapon machines have been replaced by Gachapierrot.

Places where Gachapon can be found (GMS)

Currently, the most popular ones are in Mushroom Shrine and NLC.

List of Gachapons (GMS)

Gachapon Drops by Location in Maple Global

All or Most Locations

These list gachapon items not specified. You should still fill in below for accuracy. Eventually, the all or most list will be erased when put in the proper drop list for each gachapon item.

Event Items (GMS)

Maple Anniversary Weapons

During the 4th anniversary of GMS, all gachapon machines were giving out Maple Weapons.

Retired Gachapon items (GMS)

These are old items no longer given out by gachapon, but used to be given out, for events or such.

Maple Sea Gachapon Locations

In MSEA, Gachapon machines are currently found in the following towns:

List of Gachapons (SEA)

Each machine awards a different set of items, with Henesys and Sleepywood being the most popular choices. Items dispensed from Gachapon machines include everything from the mundane ( elixirs, juices, ramen) to the unique and rare (Frozen Tuna, colored Work Gloves ect.). Being a Cash Shop item, Gachapon enables cash shop users potential access to what are arguably the rarest and most valuable items in the game.