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Freed was the name of one of the few Legendary Heroes alongside with Aran.

His successor today in the Maple World is a farm boy known as Evan


Freed, as said before, was one of the few heroes to fight against Black Magician with Aran. It was said (but might not be true) that Freed was killed by one of the spells cast by Black Mage.

History (EDIT)

Freed (or Freud, depending on your version of MapleStory) was not killed by the Black Mage, rather his Onyx Dragon, Afrien, was hit by the spell with Aran and the other heroes witnessing it. Afrien did have an egg. Freed seized the egg and escaped while the other heroes (including the Aran) bought him some time. Aran and the remaining heroes successfully defeated the Black Mage, but then were frozen by the mage's curse. Freed didn't know it until he came back to the cold battleground seeing frozen statues of only 3 of his allies. His other ally, Mercedes, had returned to her hometown of Elluel, which was cursed as well and froze just like the heroes fighting the Black Mage.