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Pre Big Bang

Florina Road Florina Beach.png
Bluestar.gif - Lith Harbor/Ludibrium/Orbis (depends how you got here)
Bluestar.gif - White Wave Harbor (after Big Bang)
Reddot.gif - A Look Out Shed Around the Beach

Post Big Bang

See: A Look Out Shed Around the Beach



The getaway area for those who just want to soak up some sun, go for a nice swim, or fight monsters. Florina Beach is a beach island accessiable via Lith Harbour for a fee of 2000 Mesos (Nowadays everything is rising, even travel fare are rising in MapleStory...(MapleSEA)). You can also access the island from Orbis for 1800 mesos or Ludibrium for a fee of 1000 (the cheapest). You must be Level 20 before you can access this island (On Maple Global there is no level requirement). When you reach the island, you begin in the small town of Florina Beach, with several quests and shops available. The four maps east of the town are filled with beach monsters. They include Lorang, Tortie, Lupin and Clang. If you obtain the VIP Ticket to Florina Beach, travel to and from the island is free.


Bosses found in Region

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