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Fire Users


Fire/Poison Wizard

  • Fire Arrow.gif Fire Arrow Create a fire arrow with the power of magic, and fires at an enemy. Applies 1.5 times the damage to the [ice]]-based monsters, where as fire-based enemies receive only half the damage.

Fire/Poison Mage

  • Explosion.gif Explosion Make an explosion around the character. Attack the enemy with the fire power.
  • Magic Composition FP.gif Elemental Composition Uses fire & poison-based spell on a single enemy. Applies massive damage to monsters that are weak against fire or poison, and the enemy will be poisoned on a set success rate.

Fire/Poison Arch Mage

  • Fire Demon.gif Fire Demon Provides constant damage to a monster using a ball of fire from a fire demon. Monsters stricken by the fire demon become vulnerable to ice-based attacks.
  • Meteor Shower.gif Meteor Shower Summons meteors from outer space to the earth, striking up to 15 monsters at once. Incurs tremendous fire-based damages to those struck.

Ice/Lightning Arch Mage

  • Ifrit.gif Ifrit Temporarily summons Ifrit, who is fire-based. Attacks up to 3 monsters.

Blaze Wizard/Flame Wizard

  • Magic Claw.png Magic Claw Fire-Based version of normal magician Magic Claw.
  • Fsummon.png Sprite Summon Fire-Based Knights Of Cygnus summon
  • Fire Arrow.png Fire Arrow Slightly weaker, but more easily mastered version of Fire Arrow, also has different animation.
  • Meteor.png Fire Pillar Gives fire damage to nearby enemies. It can attack up to 6 monsters.
  • Fire Curtain.png Fire Curtain Create a fire barrier around the caster for an amount of time. Monsters inside the barrier receive damage continuously.
  • Fire Strike.png Fire Strike Damages up to 6 enemies by throwing a huge fireball.


  • Fire-circle.png Fire Circle Consumes MP to attack multiple monsters with a fire element.
  • Fire-breath.png Fire Breath Collecting fire to attack to six monsters. Fire damage is increased in proportion to time.
  • Flame-wheel.png Flame Wheel Cast a wheel-shaped fireball to give 6 enemies fire damage.
  • Blaze.png Blaze With a strong fire attack the dragon attacks one enemy with fire to property. Attacked the enemy around to the other if you have more wear damage.



  • Ranger's Inferno.gif Ranger's Inferno Uses fire-based arrows to attack up to 6 monsters at once. Only works when equipped with a bow.

Bow Master

  • PhoenixThumb.gif Phoenix Temporarily summons Phoenix, who is fire-based. Attacks up to 4 monsters.


White Knight



  • Fire Burner.png Fire Burner Unleashes a fire-elemental attack that burns the enemy. Requires a Blaze Capsule.

Monsters Vulnerable to Fire

Victoria Island


Kerning City

Ant Tunnel


Eos Tower

Ludibrium Dungeon



El Nath

Dead Mine



New Leaf City


Korean Folk Town