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The Arch Mage is the fourth job advancement for the Mage. , as well as a summon skill that deals elemental damage of the opposite type of the Arch Mage. Arch Mages share with Bishops an incredibly powerful skill that blasts a significant portion of the map with elemental magic, Blizzard, Meteor Shower, and Genesis.

Becoming an Arch Mage

At Level 120, speak to Robeira. She will send you to see Gritto of Leafre. The job instructor will instruct you to return the Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon. They are dropped by Manon and Griffey. Either way, return the items to Gritto and she will complete your journey as a Mage and advance you to Arch Mage!

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Knights Of Cygnus
Arch Mage
Blaze Wizard


Common 4th Job Magician Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Maple Warrior.png Maple Warrior Increases all players' stats within a team by a certain percentage. Supportive 30 x -
Buff Mastery.png Buff Mastery Permanently increases Magic Attack and increases the duration of all buffs on you. Passive 10 x -
Arcane Aim.png Arcane Aim Ignores a portion of enemy Defense when attacking. Damage dealt increases with consecutive attacks. Stacks up to 5 times. Passive 30 x -
Infinity.gif Infinity Lets you use skills without spending MP and has a chance to trigger Power Stance on hit. Also, continually recovers HP and MP, and increases the damage of all attack magic. Enemy attacks will not remove this effect. Active 30 x -
Hero's Will.png Hero's Will By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Supportive 5 x -

Fire & Poison Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Fervent Drain.png Fervent Drain Increases the effect of Elemental Drain. Passive 1 x -
Flame Haze.png Flame Haze Surrounds enemies with burning poisonous mist to make them untouchable while slowing them down with continuous damage. In addition, if it hits an enemy, the Poison Mist will form at that location. If it does not hit an enemy, the Poison Mist will form at your location. Active 30 Fire -
Myst Eruption.png Myst Eruption Permanently increases Poison Mist's continuous damage. Upon using the skill, nearby Poison Mists explode, dealing fatal damage to enemies. The damage will increase proportional to the number of continuous damage effects applied to the target. You cannot detonate Mists set by others. The damage boost applies up to the 5th effect. If the mist explodes successfully, the cooldown of Flame Haze will reset. Active 30 Poison Lv. 20 Poison Mist
Ifritskill.png Ifrit Summons a Fire Ifrit that attacks multiple enemies for a short time. Also permanently increases mastery. Active 30 Fire -
Paralyze.png Paralyze Surrounds multiple enemies with fire to temporarily paralyze them while inflicting great damage. Paralyzed enemies take continuous damage. Active 30 Fire -
Meteor Shower.png Meteor Shower Summons meteors from the sky to deal a powerful fire attack to multiple enemies. Targets continue to take fire damage over time. Active 30 Fire -

Ice & Lightning Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Frost Clutch.png Frost Clutch Increases the effect of Freezing Crush. Active 1 x -
Freezing Breath.png Freezing Breath Freeze yourself and enemies with powerful cold air to stun them and continually reduce their Defense. Active 30 Ice -
Frozen Orb.png Frozen Orb Create and throw a Frozen Orb that fires ice shards everywhere to deal damage. The orb slows significantly when it encounters an enemy. Active 30 Ice -
Elquinesskill.png Elquines Summons Elquines for a short time. Elquines can attack multiple enemies at once and upon learning the Elquines skill, the mastery will permanently increase. Active 30 Ice -
Chain Lighting.png Chain Lightning Attacks target with high-voltage lightning attack, stunning the enemy. Additional critical rate is applied, and Chain Lightning can chain attack targets near the target. Active 30 Lightning -
Blizzard.png Blizzard Summons spears of ice from the sky, showering multiple enemies with a nasty blizzard to freeze them. Active 30 Ice -

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