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Fighters are Warriors built for battle. Specialized in swords and axes, these bruisers harness the power of Rage, which enhances the Fighter and their party's weapon attack. Fighters also possess Power Reflection, which not only reflects a portion of damage to a monster that had hit you but amplifies that damage, bringing enlarged pain sent to you to them.

Becoming a Fighter

Head to the Warriors' Sanctuary (located at the bottom right of Perion) once you've reached Lv 30. Go inside and talk to Dances with Balrog. Pass the letter he gives you to the Warrior Job Instructor at the Excavation Intermission Area. After giving him the letter, you'll be given an errand to collect 30 Dark Marbles by defeating the Skeledogs inside. Make sure to stock up on recovery items.

After collecting the 30 Dark Marbles and talking to the Warrior Job Instructor, you will be awarded with Proof of a Hero. Show it to "Dances with Balrog," who will advance you into a Fighter.

Note: The Dark Marbles have a 1/3 drop rate, meaning that a total of about 90 Skeledogs will need to be killed.

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
White Knight
Dark Knight


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Sword Mastery.gif Weapon Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of swords and axes. Passive 10 x -
Final Attack.gif Final Attack Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack. Must have a sword or an axe equipped. Passive 20 x Level 3 Weapon Mastery
Sword Booster.gif Weapon Booster Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a sword or an axe equipped. Active 10 x Level 5 Weapon Mastery
Rage2.png Rage Improves the Weapon ATT of allies for a short time, and reflects a multiple of the damage that you received. Can be stacked with other buffs. Supportive 20 x -
Brandish.png Brandish Perform a double attack on enemies in front of you. Active 20 x -
Combo Fury.png Combo Fury Uses combo power to draw in enemies and has a chance to stun them. If any enemies are stunned, the consumed combo count will be returned. There is only a chance to return the count against bosses. Active 10 x -
Combo Attack.png Combo Attack When activated, there is a chance to add each attack to the Combo Count, up to 5. Supportive 1 x -
Physical Training.png Physical Training Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training. Passive 5 x -

AP Builds

-Any Guide is available.-