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Eos Tower is a tower that connects Ludibrium and Omega Sector. It is a whooping 101 stories high.

Overview of Important Floors

For a list of all floors, see the category Eos Tower.

  • Note: Some things were changed by the Big Bang. This list is up-to-date.


There are basically two categories of areas in Eos Tower: inside and outside.


The floors that are inside the tower, in descending order, are:

  • 101 ~ 93
  • 73 ~ 71
  • 56 ~ 41
  • 23 ~ 22
  • 10 ~ 8
  • 5 ~ 1


The floors that are outside the tower, in descending order, are:

  • 92 ~ 74
  • 70 ~ 57
  • 40 ~ 24
  • 21 ~ 11
  • 7 ~ 6

Large Maps

Of course, there aren't 101 maps in Eos Tower. Some maps span 10 to 15 floors, thereby making descending/ascending Eos Tower easier. Most of these large maps are found outside Eos Tower. Usually these maps will contain ledges with holes on them, signifying a secret passage. By pressing <up>, you will teleport upwards/downwards. Generally, the ascending path is located on the left, and the descending path is on the right. These maps have no monsters. Maps structured this way are:

  • 90 ~ 76
  • 70 ~ 61
  • 40 ~ 26
  • 20 ~ 11

There is one special map:

  • 55 ~ 46

This map is located inside Eos Tower, but it spans 10 floors. Unlike those found outside, this map has no secret passages, so to scale up these 10 floors you need to climb ladders.

Eos Rock Scrolls

Moving 101 stories up and down just to move from Ludibrium to Omega Sector and back is annoying and will be a chore for almost anyone. There are two quests that can make this task much easier: The Lost Guard and Disgruntled Roly-Poly Worker. Both quests can be repeated once every 24 hours and give 20 Eos Rock Scrolls.

The first quest works like Huckle's quest in Orbis Tower: you have to visit the Lost Soldier located at Eos Tower 93rd Floor. Before the Big Bang one had to then collect 30 Propellers and 30 Worn-Out Goggles from Hellies and Chirppies respectively. After the Big Bang, one must collect 15 Spiderwebs and 15 Worn-Out Goggles from Trixters and Chirppies respectively.

The second quest can be started by talking to Roly-Poly 10. To complete the quest, collect 5 Hard Walnuts and defeat 20 Black Ratz.

Now there are 4 Eos Rocks located in the Tower: they are on the 100th, 71st, 41st and 1st floors. By talking to the Eos Rock NPCs they will move you to either the previous or the next Eos Rock, provided you have enough Eos Rock Scrolls. Each time you move, you consume 1 Eos Rock Scroll. Therefore, travelling from one end of Eos Tower to the other requires 3 scrolls.

Useful Notes

  • The 101st story is a secret passage above the 100th story. It leads to the Ludibrium Party Quest area.
  • To move between maps which are inside the tower, climb up/down the ladders at the top/bottom of the map.
  • To move between maps which are outside the tower, press <up> at the hidden passage located in the elevator.
  • Near the top of the 76th ~ 90th Floor is a portal to a hidden map with lots of Drum Bunnies with rapid spawn rate. There is a 60 minute time limit in this map, but you can use the exit portal at any time and reset the timer.
  • The 44th floor is home to Vega, a scroll NPC.
  • On the 40th floor resides the Gumball Machine, selling potions and foods.
  • Generally, the monsters towards the bottom of Eos Tower (eg. King Block Golem) are more difficult than those found at the top of the Tower (eg. Ratz).
  • Using a town scroll in the upper half of the tower will send you to Ludibrium, and using it in the lower half will send you to Omega Sector. You can save on rock scrolls by going only halfway up or down and then using a town scroll. Note that in versions other than GMS, town scrolls may be prohibited in the interior parts of Eos Tower, in which case you must exit the tower before being able to use it.
  • Monster levels and exp in the wiki have been changed to post Big Bang ones.


NPC's (in descending order)