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Ellin npc.gif Welcome to my Ellin PQ guide.

This guide has been copyrighted by the original creator. Copying this guide and saying that it is your own is a offense and may be punishable.


Ellin PQ is the newest Party Quest to be added to Maple Story. Ellin Party Quest, also known as the Forest of Poison Haze Party Quest, is set in Victoria Island's past. Ellin PQ is accessible to users between the levels of 45-55, inclusive. Knights of Cygnus cannot participate in this Party Quest.

Getting Started

The Time Control Room

To make your way to Ellin PQ, you must visit the Time Control Room in Ludibrium. This is at the top of Helios Tower. After entering the Time Portal, you will be transported to Altare Camp. The PQ is accessed by going to the far right of the first Altare map, and far right again.

Ellin PQ can be completed with a party of up to 5 members. You can choose to have less, but 5 is recommended as it speeds the process up. Your party can include any class, but I strongly recommend having a Cleric along for the boss fight.

Once your party is assembled, your leader should talk to Ellin to enter the Party Quest.

Note by Beary605: This is a tricky party to assemble, as the party apparently has to be made from solely Explorers. Good luck with that.

Stage 1 - Mouth of the Forest

Stage 1

Pre to Stage One, your party will be transformed into Legendary Heroes.

In Stage One, your task is to kill all of the Poisoned Tree Lords in the map. They are found on the ground of the map and on several raised platforms. This stage is quite simple. After all of the Poisoned Tree Lords have been defeated, your party may proceed through the portal to Stage Two.


Just kill them all.

Stage 2 - Deteriorated Forest

Bugs! Ruunnnn!
Stoopid thornbush

This stage is a little bit harder. There are many Poisoned Stone Bugs with Super Defense Up. In the centre of the map, there is a large tree with the pool. Your party must lure the bugs onto the pool and then kill them. They will then drop Pink Diluted Antidote. Your party requires 4. One member should drop them onto the hedge blocking your way to the portal. They will remove the hedge and your party can continue.

Epq potion1.gifEpq potion2.gifEpq potion1.gifEpq potion2.gifEpq potion1.gif


  • A pirate with Corkscrew Blow is useful here, as the Bugs move quite slowly and luring normally may not be effective. A Bowman or Crossbowman with Power Knock Back is also helpful.
  • Take care: The 4 Pink Diluted Antidotes must be dropped rapidly and separately. If they are dropped in groups, it will only count as one: and they must be dropped all at the same time otherwise the effect of the antidote wears off.
  • I suggest letting one member take all the dilutes. This does not have to be the leader.

Stage 3 - Forest of Haze

I'm...lost. :<

Ah, the maze. One party member must find their way to the end of the maze, and talk to Ellin. The stage is then cleared.

It seems that the maze has a predefined pattern that changes daily. So, my best advice is to have everyone split up and run around like crazy.


  • You used to have to be in the last room to talk to Ellin, but currently you can talk to her from one room away on the left.

Stage 4 - Poisoned Forest

Q: Why am I telling the leader what to do? A: He had never done EPQ before. *facepalm*

Ariant PQ much? Here, you must use Transparent Marbles you can gain by talking to Ellin to capture the Poison Sprites. To capture them, you must weaken them and then use the Marble. Your party requires a total of 20 captured to clear this stage.


  • Assign the marble to a hotkey for greater capturing ease.
  • Make sure you have 2 empty ETC slots before entering this stage: One for the Marble, one for the purified marble.
  • Your Cleric will be useless here - monsters are too strong for them and monsters too weak to do damage to everyone else.

Stage 5 - Forest's Empty Lot


The jump quest stage. Your party should split up to find the Purple Magic Stone. First, I suggest your party split up so 2 people take the Left, 1 person takes the Center, 2 people take the Right.

Part 1

You have to climb up the ropes, go right to the edge of the platform, and jump down to get to the next part. Then simply wait for the spikes to disappear and walk across.

Part 2

False platforms! Depending on which side you are taking you will need to find a route. Ive mapped out the ways here: Epq routes.gif

Part 3

Climb up the ropes to go to the platforms above. Beware of the flying objects.

At the Top

In each of the 3 sides (left, Center and Right) there are 3 boxes. Break them all and one will contain the Purple Magic Stone. Give this to your Party Leader and they can talk to the NPC to clear the stage.


  • For Part 3, be careful. Watch the pattern of the obstacles before moving. One hit can topple you down all the way.
  • Yelling out "Not on Left" (and vice versa) in Party Chat helps party members locate which side the Stone is in,

Stage 6 - Forest of Poison

The 3rd stage of the boss. Omnomnom.

And, its the boss fight. Drop the Purple Magic Stone on the altar and Poison Golem will be summoned. This baby has 3 stages - kill them all - 113,000hp. Fairly godly abilities. Since I, myself, am a cleric, the only pieces of advice I can give you is:

  • Get your cleric to spam heal.
  • If a skull appears over your head, you have been Crazy Skulled (like Ariant PQ) and you will have to walk left to go right, vice versa.
  • If glowing yellow appears near your feet, get away from it: that would be the bosses AoE attack that does 600+ damage.
  • The boss can Seal, Blind and Weaken - No abilities, Lowered accuracy, and No jumping.
  • The boss can summon your old friends, Poisoned Tree Lords, Poisoned Sprites, & Poisoned Stone Bugs. Happy family reunion much?
  • Oh, by the way, the boss can also heal itself crazy amounts.
  • Mages - MAGIC GUARD IS VITAL THIS GOES FOR CLERICS TOO. Cleric, again, should spam-heal.
  • Warriors, Brawlers & Bandits - Tank and hope to god your Cleric cares about you.
  • Sins, Gunslingers & Archers - I'd advise you to stay near your Cleric. Very close to your Cleric.


  • Even if you have a cleric, take pots. Lots of them.
  • Have all your buffs on. You'll need them.

After the Battle

The boss shall drop lots of loot, including the Black Marble. Looting the boss is a free-for-all. Go for it.

Stage 7


Yay, thou has finished. Whoever has the Black Marble, drop it on the fountain. Then go out. You will be rewarded with:

52,000 Exp & Altaire Fragment

The Earrings & Fragment

Each PQ you complete, you receive an Altaire Fragment which you can redeem for a prize with Ellin.

Altaire Earrings

Altaire earrings.gif
Level: 50
Str: 1 (0-2)
Dex: 1 (0-2)
Int: 1 (0-2)
Luk: 1 (0-2)
Magic Defense: 25

  • 20 Altaire Fragments
  • EPQ Rank B - 20 PQs completed, with a shortest time of 20 minutes, success rate of 50%

Glittering Altaire Earrings

Altaire earrings3.gif
Level: 50
Str: 2 (0-3)
Dex: 2 (0-3)
Int: 2 (0-3)
Luk: 2 (0-3)
Magic Defense: 25

  • 30 Altaire Fragments
  • EPQ Rank A - 50 PQs completed, with a shortest time of 15 minutes, success rate of 70%


Thanks go to:

  • All the Bello parties who put up with me stopping to take screenshots every stage
  • The lovely people who let me screenshot them: JALOVES, TheImbecile, FlossDepot, ChargeDepot, QuietPervert , MSakuraK, lilsakuraXD, ablick, bowmanowndu and LuckyDucky52
  • xD7ggeRaTT, for sharing the info of his 2 Golem Monster Cards for this guide

<3 Dantelia