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El Nath is a town located at the bottom of the Orbis Tower in Ossyria. It is covered by snow, and is built near a large host of medium-level monsters. For this reason, characters lower than Level 30 frequently get stuck in El Nath and its surrounding area, mainly as a result of trying and failing to ascend Orbis Tower in hopes of safely getting up to Orbis.

Because of El Nath's climate, players will find that they slip around the town and its surrounding area unless they are wearing snowshoes. These can be purchased in the El Nath armor shop. In addition, characters lose 10 HP every 5 seconds in areas outside the town because of the cold. Because of this, idling in this area is not recommended. However, this problem can be solved temporarily with Red Bean Soup and Soft White Bun, which keeps a player from losing HP within the El Nath area for a certain amount of time. Completing the quest Alcaster's Cape will grant the player a cape that prevents losing HP in the El Nath region.

El Nath features a free market, in case the player needs to access it. It is also where characters who have reached Level 70 begin and get their 3rd Job Advancement test.

It is worth noting that monsters living in this icy environment tend to fare badly against fire-based attacks, making a character capable of such attacks better in this area than a character with access to mainly ice-based attacks.


Ice Valley

Ice Valley and Snowy Hill are the two most common areas around El Nath to hunt monsters in. Yetis and Jr. Yetis are found in these areas.

Sharp Cliff Area

Be aware that the NPC Jeff will stop you here and check your level before entering the area. If your level is not high enough, he will not let you in the area beyond. The level limit is level 50.

The Forest of Dead Trees

The Forest of Dead Trees are a series of four maps home to Coolie Zombies. Several classes train there since it is very profitable and quick. Now that maps such as the Forest of Gollem and Voodoo/Hoodoos in the Haunted Mansion are open, Forest of Dead Trees maps are used less intensively. There used to be a timer clock on these maps which was used in the past to cut down on the many people who used to practice here.

The journey there and back totals about a dozen maps, so do be sure to pack supplies before you depart.

Bosses found in Region

  • Zakum of course is found near here.
  • Snowman will give you a frosty reception.

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